‘Dead by Daylight’ gets K-Pop-inspired killer following collaboration with BTS producer

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is ushering in a new chapter in its game of cat-and-mouse and will introduce contents set around K-Pop.

Titled the “All-Kill,” the latest chapter features a K-Pop music artist as the new killer and the band’s producer as the unwitting survivor.

New Killer and Survivor

Taking the cutthroat nature of the Korean Pop industry literally, it shows a rising star Ji-Woon Hak giving in to his violent tendencies. Born out of excessive self-love and jealousy, the celebrity musician caused the demise of his bandmates in a fire. Evading suspicion of the slay, Ji-Woon would kick off a solo career, earning for himself the stage name The Trickster. Then, things took a darker turn. Bloodlust and cruelty became his thing, one that sees him kidnapping victims and incorporating their shrieks as part of his music.

Caught up with the act, Ji-Woon would eventually find his creative freedom taken from him. In spite, the vain artist would then kidnap the board members in an effort to eliminate their living presence. But something took place just prior to the killing of the person who aided in his rise to stardom.

Yun-Jin Lee, producer of the fictional band Mightee One, becomes an addition to the roster of survivors after entering the fog with Ji-Woon. A formerly aspiring musician herself, Yun-Jin entered the music industry with nothing but a passion for it. Although rejected to make a name for herself, she pursued her dream of simply becoming a part of it somehow.

Lee began a budding career as an intern until subsequently working her way to the top as a hit-maker, even without credit to her name. If not for her, Ji-Woon Hak’s dream of getting the spotlight—and becoming a killer—would probably not have become fruition. She created the band, NO SPIN, in which Ji-Woon sings, before the latter taking flight as a solo artist.

Accurate Portrayal

Making the latest chapter in Dead by Daylight quite faithful to real life, Behaviour Interactive worked in tandem with a few significant people in the industry. Specifically, U-KISS’s Kevin Woo, and Canadian music producer, DJ Swivel, who both help in setting the accuracy of the depiction. The latter is a Grammy Award winner song producer whose portfolio involves working with bands, the likes of BTS.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical PvP game involving players who take on a role as either a killer or survivor. True to their labels, a killer takes on the role of the figurative cat, in a game of cat-and-mouse, while leaving others as the mice looking to escape the former’s clutches.

Image used courtesy of Nuzzgard/YouTube Screenshot

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