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‘Dead by Daylight’ sees balanced matchmaking with latest update


After a successful rollout on the Xbox One, Dead by Daylight is seeing a revamp to its matchmaking system implemented across other platforms as well.

Dead by Daylight’s matchmaking is typically a grouping of players based solely on rank factor. Which meant that even players with rank but lack skill tend to play with or against others to abysmal results.

Conversely, there are also players who lack the rank but has the experience that gets unfairly sorted with low-ranking players. Commonly, involving individuals who, technically, spend quality time in the game but could not play consistently enough to gain ranks.

Rank Does Not Correlate Skill

Drawing from the pattern, Behavior Interactive sees the existing matchmaking system as with flaw and, at times, immersion-breaking due to balancing issues. This, subsequently, led to the belief that “rank” does not mean “skill” in Dead by Daylight. More than anything, “rank” has become connotative of “play frequency,” rather than skill.

The idea of a ranking system may work on certain games. Hence, its popularity and proliferation as a critical component in “gamifying” online games. However, applying the same notion with an asymmetrical title, like Dead by Daylight, has a starkly different result. Apart from producing unpredictable outcome to players, it can mostly just be out of balance.

Based on Player Performance

Still in the process of polishing out its new matchmaking system, one way the developers see fixing the issue is by player performance.

For main players in the Killer role, this means providing consistent information regarding which character a player is good at and which is not. The idea being that such crucial data is going to be used as to whether or not to include the player among other experienced players.

For instance, playing good with Billy with consistency will see the same player joining against a party of skilled Survivors. Inversely, switching to an unfamiliar character would inform the system that the player is lacking experience with it. Therefore, pitting the same individual against equally inexperienced players.

Essentially, by making players play with or against another based on skills, the game enforces a balance that’s fair for everybody. Thus, not causing beginners to just keeping losing and veterans always dominating each Trial.

For “Cosmetic” Purposes

The ranking system will not be going away anytime soon, however. It may not be a clear indicator of player skill. Nevertheless, it serves the purpose of enticing players to keep on playing. Which, to many, is a kind of symbol of recognition, even if it no longer merits the notion of skill in it.

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