‘Dead By Daylight’ to get visual overhaul and more in future updates

The hit horror multiplayer title, Dead By Daylight, is celebrating its fifth anniversary. To commemorate the event, the developers are readying some major changes for the game that fans will surely love.

The developers behind Dead By Daylight are working on big things ahead. As the game progresses towards its fifth anniversary, the developers are readying a major update called A Realm Beyond, which overhauls the way the game looks.

Visual changes

Developer Behaviour Interactive has revealed that the update will come later this month. It will focus mainly on visual upgrades to the asymmetrical horror. Overall, the changes hope to make the game a more engaging horror experience for fans.

The entire process in changing the game for the better is dubbed as The Realm Beyond project. The first visual changes are set to drop this Sept. 8. The project will continue through fall 2021.

Later this month, major changes to Springwood and Yamoaka Estate are going to be implemented. Some of the key changes include improved lighting and more refined textures. The developers are also working towards making each level feel unique.

More to come

Apart from the visual changes, developer Behaviour Interactive is also working to improve the overall Dead By Daylight experience. As revealed in the sneak peek of the upcoming update, they are also working to enhance cross-play functionality in the game. This means players can also expect server fixes in the future.

The developer is yet to reveal exactly what else they are planning for the game, but everything seems like a huge undertaking for now. These changes will allow the game to transition into a higher quality title. In the last five years, not much has changed in the game aside from the new levels and playable characters. The Realm Beyond hopes to change all that.

Fans can expect more updates from the developers in the future. Apart from this, we could be seeing some more DLC as well. The developers have yet to say who or when the next DLC will drop, but fans are surely looking forward to the next expansion of the roster.

These new changes in Dead By Daylight and those coming in the future will help the game transition into something better. There could be more surprises from the developers soon, and fans are hoping that some of their complaints about the game will finally be addressed as well.

Image used courtesy of Dead By Daylight

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