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‘Dead by Daylight’s Felix Richter: Who he is and his unique perks


Dead by Daylight is cooking up new content as it goes through the Player Test Build, which is set to introduce two new playable characters, namely a new Killer named The Blight and a new Survivor named Felix Richter.

While both are interesting in their own right, a new Survivor that comes with a unique set of perks is bound to pique anyone’s attention. Harboring a difference from fellow Survivors that could potentially mean better survivability in the Trial, even including the rest of the team.

Still, in its PTB phase, much of what players are experiencing is subject to change. Hence, why the Player Test Build is more than just a sneak peeks at what is to come in-game, it’s also more so for assessment purposes that give the developers valuable feedback for the potential last-minute changes before the full implementation.

The Architect Survivor

But who is this new Survivor, that is, Felix Richter? How does his unique disposition and repertoire be of any help in the Fog?

Following a biography that describes Felix’s life beginning as a child, he is best described as a well-off introvert with a penchant for reading. An interest that soon shifted to architecture after some needed exposure to the same from other cultures during his travels.

Unable to outgrow his self-centeredness, Felix eventually became a member of a group of similar individuals. Much to the gang’s reputation as “outcast,” they collectively earned the label of “Pariah.”

What Felix lacked in social skills, he subsequently made up for his love for designing buildings. A talent he had a great aptitude about, leading to him winning accolades for this work and positive renown in his industry at the young age of 23.

Like much of the other Survivors that got sucked into the Fog, Felix Richter’s entry is one without awareness. Taking root at the event of his parents’ uncanny disappearance that he and friends witnessed first-hand. But not by sheer happenstance, considering the role of the Entity has in the grand scheme of things.

Unique Perks

Felix Richter’s set of skills draw from his keen sense that renders him to perform more efficiently in the Fog.

The perk “Built to Last,” allows him to refill charges of used items faster at around 30 to 50 percent, depending on the level. The benefit of which is significantly highlighted when mixed with Streetwise and used with high-quality items.

When faced with a dire situation that sees fellow Survivors in critical conditions, Richter’s Desperate Measure kicks into gear. Giving him the increased ability on healing and unhook actions to up to 14 percent at a higher tier.

The Visionary perk demonstrates this new Survivor’s aptitude towards machines. Granting him augmented visibility over generators within 32 meters. Subsequently, fixing a generator grants this perk a cooldown of 20 seconds.

With that said, Felix Richter’s inherent skills are not what anyone would call a game-changer, even by Dead by Daylight standards. While unique and pragmatic in certain situations, it may not be that useful enough for him to become people’s favorite.

Image used courtesy of Skemooo/YouTube Screenshot

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