‘Dead Cells’ 2020-2021 iOS, Android content roadmap unveiled

Dead Cells actual gameplay snapshot

The mobile version of Dead Cells may be lagging behind its PC and console counterparts in terms of contents. While seemingly at the backburner, the mobile version has a lot of “catching up to do” and is something it is bound to accomplish in the coming months until 2021.

The notion comes from Playdigious’ commitment to bringing new content into the game, following their major releases on PC and console.

DLC Roadmap

First to arrive on the iOS and Android versions of the game are the Legacy update, sometime during Fall. Despite being a free update, the game will bring in a bunch of new additions. They include new biomes, enemies, bosses, mutations, skills, and weapons. Once rolled out, the game will effectively see itself updated to version 1.6.

Celebrating what the advent of the new year is, 2021 will see a new update with the Bad Seed DLC. Unlike the Legacy Update, this particular expansion to the game is not going to be free. The price, however, is still a subject of future reveal.

Despite the obvious differences, both aforementioned updates do share similarities in the areas of concern for their updates. Meaning, the Bad Seed DLC will expectedly add further to the biomes, enemies, bosses, mutations, skills, and weapons of the game.

Giving the players more than their money’s worth, however, are further content in the form of new areas. These new locations include the Swamp, Heart of the Swamp, and the Arboretum that gradually differs in difficulty in succession.

Coming Summer 2021, furthermore additional contents remain in wait for the game. But, as of writing, remains to be blank as to what it will contain. If rumors are to go by, though, it is said that the developers are considering custom skins and runs.

A Mobile Gem Title

Anyone who is seeking to experience one of mobile’s best rogue-like games should find something to write at home about with Dead Cells. Featuring a fast-paced and high-octane gameplay that keeps players on edge, not many games are in the same caliber as it.

While the game’s touchscreen controls may put off certain types of gamers, its well-optimized UI makes it easy to play. Even then, those who prefer to play games with a controller can easily link an external gamepad via Bluetooth. To the more creative, they may even enjoy the game on a larger screen made possible if connecting their device to an external display.

Image used courtesy of GamesGridNetwork/YouTube Screenshot

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