Dead Cells celebrates 3 million sold milestone, new update underway


Dead Cells is celebrating a new milestone as it surpasses the three million sold mark. The milestone comes with a nice, hefty update full of revamps to the gameplay.

Dead Cells is one of the best roguelikes of 2018 and is likely a classic in the years to come. This year, the game is returning with a DLC named “The Bad Seed”, and it’s superb. This DLC reinvigorated the franchise and pushed it past the three million sales mark.

Cells adds “Update of Plenty” patch

Players enjoy Cells for a reason. The game is one of the best roguelikes, combining action with procedural generation. What makes it stand out is the superb combat mechanics the game entails.


Cells is infinitely satisfying, both as a technical fighter and as a platforming adventure. The game forces players to learn combat patterns and special skills. It also pushes players to learn how to time strikes and dodges.

The game stays fun even after hours of gameplay, and the weapons stay interesting. A ton of risks and rewards come in every decision, which entices players to enjoy.

Now, the new patch will streamline the gameplay even further. The current patch, named “Update of Plenty”, should only be a balance patch. Dev team Motion Twin fiddled with everything they can reach.

The patch will adjust the game’s economy, together with its difficulty curve. The update will make things more accessible without cutting on the fun challenge.

New patch revamps most of the game for a smoother experience

The new Dead Cells update revamped several crucial areas of gameplay. Among the most notable changes is moving the crossbow as a two-hand weapon. The weapon now has two attacks, which makes it specific for Survival.

The crossbow skills are slow, making them perfect for those with big health pools. The changes to the economy and difficulty curve mean the game is still challenging. It aims to give players more clarity about how the game works.

The pricing is now easier, which makes high-level trips to the shop less of a grind. Item prices won’t break the bank anymore, and there are far fewer difficulty spikes. The team also removed scrolls for S and ++ weapons.

Players can find more scrolls in earlier biomes, with enemy damage going way lower. In exchange, gear damage is now higher. The full list of changes from the devs is available here.

Dead Cells is available for all platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. The new update is out now and will be available across platforms too.

Images courtesy of Motion Twin/Youtube Screenshot

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