‘Dead Cells’ receives new ‘Barrels O’ Fun’ update for free

Dead Cells is undoubtedly one of the best games to launch from the indie scene, and it’s a record-selling title as well. The developers aren’t even done with the game, and they have recently launched a new free update.

Just recently, Motion Twin launched the Barrels O’ Fun update for Dead Cells across all platforms. The new content update is free, and it comes with a ton of content to the surprise of fans. Here’s everything that players can expect to see in this new update.

Derelict Distillery

The biggest part of the update is the Derelict Distillery, which is an entirely new area to explore in the game. It offers an alternative route to High Peak Castle right from where the players start. The new area is filled with giant barrels, and it’s made to look exactly like an old distillery.

The map is filled to the brim with new enemies that players will have to familiarize themselves with. Of course, these new enemies are also a new challenge for the players to beat. The Derelict Distillery also offers new platforming elements for players to surpass.

New weapons

Since there is a new area, there are new weapons for players to collect as well. Like the new map, the weapons are going to be in-line with the distillery theme of the update. Players should add these new weapons to their collection immediately as these are powerful tools for their arsenal.

One of the new weapons is called the Barrel Launcher which essentially allows players to throw explosive barrels in Dead Cells. Another new weapon is the Tesla Coil, which is a medium-range weapon that summons a turret upon use.

8-bit music

Players didn’t expect that Motion Twin was going to make the game even better with a new way to appreciate the music. With the update installed, players have the option to turn the regular soundtrack into an 8-bit theme. This will make the game much more enjoyable, especially for those that want to relive the classic days of gaming.

This might not even be the last major update for Dead Cells as there could be more along the way. Motion Twin is not backing down from making their hit title much better. Hopefully, the developer expands the game with more areas, enemies, and maps in the future as we’re sure that fans are looking for those as well.

Image used courtesy of Motion Twin/YouTube

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