Dead Space rumors are high as EA confirms their not-E3 conference

EA confirms the rumors regarding Dead Space and what more to come.

There is some talk in the town that EA will work on the very much anticipated game of Dead Space.

Horror games in today’s genre follow that one thing, and that is to execute with a sequential action point. As we have seen the growth of horror games, run and chase scenes have been fan-favorite as most of the games just help players run and hide from the monsters behind them or those lurking in the shadows.

EA has confirmed that they are working on new projects that will project the same type of horror that we have seen in the previous games.

What are the new games that are going to be released?

There is a pretty good chance that players will catch a glimpse of the most anticipated game of the year by next month. The revival of the long-dormant series of this horror game has come from a very reliable and long-term source.

The developers at EA are yet to confirm the news, and they said that they are working on certain projects that will be delivered soon. The work is to understand the whole scenario and to produce something that can be a fan favorite.

The whole project is going to debut at the EA Play Live. Whatever the showcase is, EA has said that they will provide more information to all the fans and eager participants. More to come as EA Play Live has already been broadcasted, and it has been shared that there is exciting news on its way.

The showcase confirmed the sequence of ‘Dead Space.’

The showcase has shown the unconfirmed length and then followed by the main show.

It was hosted by the XXE Wrestler Xavier Woods and even YouTube gaming star Austin Creed. As fans are looking forward to the Dead Space renewal, it has been said that the new game is hinted towards a larger base audience, and the production house has already started onto the work.

Eurogamer and Gematsu are two of the biggest names that have collaborated into the game, and they are looking forward to a sequel that will be part of the existing trilogy.

There are likely going to be more games on EA’s part as well. Gamers are yet to seek confirmation regarding the releases as the officers have not been mentioned on their handles for now.



Image courtesy of StopGame.Ru/YouTube

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