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‘Dead to Me’ season 3 on Netflix with old cast reprising roles


The anticipated dark comedy series, Dead to Me season 3 is set to arrive on Netflix in May 2021. Reportedly, the third installment will see old cast reprising their roles.

Netflix’s Dead to Me is a highly acclaimed show that scored four nominations at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards. It also won the Outstanding Comedy Series Award. The series initially premiered on May 3, 2019, and immediately rose to popularity. After a month of its release, the streaming giant hit the green light for a second-season run. Dead to Me season 2 dropped on Netflix in May 2020.

Although not much has been said of the exact release date for Dead to Me season 3, its followers believe, following the trend, that the new season will be released on May 2021. The series has a recorded viewership of at least 30 million.

Dead to Me overview for new followers

Dead to Me is all about women overcoming themselves and their grief. It tells the tale of how two unlikely women develop a friendship as they try to unravel the mystery behind the death of Jen’s husband. At the same time, Judy tries to heal a broken heart.

Season 1 focuses on the struggles the two women face and how they are coping with them. Jen faces the untimely death of her husband due to a hit-and-run accident. Meanwhile, Judy tries to cope up with her breakup with Steve, her boyfriend. Season 1 also tells about the grief that women feel when their trust is betrayed. Jen eventually found out that Judy was the driver involved in her husband’s death.

Season 2 is a reversal. The two unlikely BFFs reunited when Steve died. Unknown to Judy, Jen is responsible for Steve’s death. Jen hid this from Judy, and both connive to hide Steve’s death as it would implicate Jen. The story spirals to implicate other people in their lives. All episodes still talk about women’s grief and how women tend to handle difficult and death situations.

What to expect in season 3

Will Jen be caught? Season 3 spins off from the day Ben, Steve’s twin brother, sets off to identify the body purportedly to be Steve’s. Ben accidentally hits the car Jen and Judy are in. Moreover, Charlie discovers the letter written by Jen for Judy. The letter would implicate Jen in Steve’s death. Fans can expect more twists and turns in Dead to Me Season 3.

Who will return?

Christina Applegate (Jen Harding) and Lina Cardellini (Judy Hale) are reprising their roles.  Sam McCarthy is joining them as Charlie Harding, Luke Roessler as Henry Harding. Fans can also expect to see James Marsden as Steve/Ben Wood, Max Jenkins as Christopher Doyle, Diana Maria Riva as Detective Ana Perez, and Brandon Scott as Nick Prager.

Those are but a few of the original cast that will reprise their roles. The producers have announced that more of them would be making a comeback as the series goes into production.

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