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‘Deadly Premonition 2’ gets 1.0.3 update: Adds inverted camera, improves FPS


Following a buggy launch that sees Deadly Premonition 2 having an abysmal performance on the Switch, Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro is living up to his promise of releasing patches with the aim of polishing out the rough edges with the game. The idea comes with the rollout of the game’s second “minor” update that sees the game getting improved FPS and a new feature.

Players who see themselves updating their copy of the game should see it in version 1.0.3. Which, while minor similar to the previous update, adds significant polish to the game, especially in the frames department.

A Small, But Valued, Improvement

The enhancement itself is not particularly major so as to make a buttery smooth in-game experience. The game still obviously struggles running at optimum speed, which gives the feeling of a constant FPS drop. Employing the right tool does show the notion to be a fact than just speculation.

However, side-by-side video comparison shows substantial improvement to the performance between an outdated and updated version of the game. This was a difference between a glaring issue with a major stutter and one with significantly less of the same problem.

Thanks to the videos tweeted by its producer, @TomioKanazawa, we see how the game had indeed improved in reducing the stutter. In the two footages, they display Agent York skateboarding across town whose difference is marked around the bridge area.

The issue with the frames is not necessarily a case of the Switch weak processing power, however. Since the console’s release, we have seen titles that demonstrate the machine’s potential and barely, if at all, suffer from the performance. If anything, the issue does lie with Deadly Premonition 2′s poor implementation hence, why we are seeing betterment with the game with each patch.

Inverted Camera Controls

Meanwhile, part of the latest update also is the addition of the new camera option that gives it inverted controls. The added feature is nothing groundbreaking, but it might appeal to certain audiences who are not too pleased with the default.

The game does suffer from big technical issues. But it is not the only problem that players are complaining about. In terms of script, the game seems littered with innuendoes that dabble on racism and transphobia that’s rubbing people the wrong way.

Like most of the game’s evident issues, however, Suehiro promises to address them in future updates. Much to the potential appeasement of the ruffled audience.

Image used courtesy of ContraNetwork/YouTube Screenshot

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