Deadpool Ryan Reynolds signing astronomical deal in MCU history


Ryan Reynolds, aka the Deadpool, is reportedly signing a record-breaking astronomical MCU deal. It will make him the highest-paid actor in the Marvel franchise.

According to Comicbook, rumors suggest that Marvel boss Kevin Feige wants to make Ryan Reynolds the most expensive MCU actor.

The possible rumored news was first leaked by Daniel Richtman and then taken by various websites.

Everyone knows Deadpool is big and very popular among its die-hard fans since 2016.

After the Fox acquisition last year, people are waiting for an official announcement on Deadpool 3. It seems like the expectation will turn real soon. But the wait is longer.

As always, there’s no news from Marvel Studios regarding the rumors and leaks on Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool 3 in MCU Phase four

Disney will control everything now, be it the X-Men characters, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool, of course. Almost the entire Marvel universe is under one roof eventually.

It’s also a fact that Kevin Feige’s way of presenting Marvel superheroes is phenomenal. And the critical and commercial success of nearly every MCU film is proof of that.

So it’s clear that Deadpool is in safe hands and “at home” now.

His role in the upcoming phases will be crucial and vital. The interaction of Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson with other MCU actors is highly awaited.

The approach of Marvel Studios towards his introduction will be interesting to watch out.

Ryan Reynolds, next cameo king in MCU movies

Current speculations are even hinting towards a new trend of Deadpool cameos in future MCU films. As of now, it can’t be said for sure.

There’s no denying that the superhero will be integral to all other characters and their movies as well. Marvel Cinematic Universe is all about connecting everything to build up colossal crossover events in the end. We saw that happening with the Infinity Saga storyline in the last decade.

Ryan Reynolds did confirm in October 2019 about a meeting he had with Marvel Studios. What happened there is still not known in public.

Although, it’s obvious to guess about the meeting and its purpose.

So far, things are not yet clear over how Deadpool will enter the world of MCU. Will it be in Spider-Man‘s third installment or Doctor Strange 2? These questions remain unanswered right now.

However, one thing is sure that whenever Ryan Reynolds comes back as Deadpool, it will be epic. All Marvel lovers are waiting for him to fight alongside the Avengers in the next big battle.

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