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‘Death Note’: List of anime characters Kira would kill


We know that Kira in Death Note can kill anyone, but what if he would appear in other animes and kill off the supervillains in it?

Death Note is one of the most popular anime series which showed the life of Kira and how he wrote everyone’s name in his book.

While Kira only killed criminals initially, those who tried to find out his real identity also died along the way.

If possible, Kira would have killed God’s life showing that he would sacrifice Rem to kill Ryuk.

So given the opportunity to appear in other animes, here are some of the main characters he could have killed easily.

Kira would have targeted Frieza for mass murdering

Frieza is one of the most powerful villains of Dragonball who have killed a lot of human beings, plus aliens. The most popular character of the show would go to any extent to destroy Earth and other planets.

While Goku is made to fight against Frieza, by just mentioning his name in the book, Kira would kill him in only 40 seconds.

Many characters are scared of this villain, thinking that he can kill them off in few minutes. But for Kira, it would have just taken a “bag of potato chips on” his side.

Kira would never show Eren mercy after Marley attack

Eren is the main character of Attack on Titan. Eren has recently become an antagonist of the show. However, Eren attacked Marley, through which a lot of innocent people were harmed.

Kira would no longer see the good in him because he disrupted many lives.

Kira would have ensured Shou Tucker to pay for his sin

After hurting his own daughter, Shou Tucker went off as a free man. He was not charged with the wrongdoings.

But in the eyes of Kira, everyone is equal. Tucker is another villain in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Light has allowed his dad, Soichiro, to die, so we can say that Tucker would have been killed in a matter of few seconds.

Orochimaru would be on the list too

Orochimaru has acted and committed a lot of heinous crimes because he wanted to achieve immortality. Orochimaru can be counted as the best villain of Naruto.

Kira is the worshiper of justice, and letting him live would have been a stain on his reputation. Some of the crimes that Oro has committed are kidnapping and killing members from his own clan.

This means that escaping Kira’s jurisdiction would be tough for Orochimaru.

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