‘Death Stranding Director’s Cut’ slated for a September release date


Sony and Kojima Productions released a brand new trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut slated for a September release date.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is a much-awaited collection of the game. Sony released a new trailer today, with a few changes here and there. The title is officially slated for September 24, which is less than six weeks from now.

Director’s Cut adds quality of life improvements

So far, the trailer for the Director’s Cut showed the game being played on the Playstation 5. The trailer also showed some vital additions and quality of life improvements to it. Among these are not only new tools but also gameplay mechanics.

New combat mechanics come to show more enjoyable battles, providing a better melee system. There are even better tools that will help Sam make fights more feasible. These include full-mounted machine guns and even a maser gun.

There are also improved tutorials for the game, including a Firing Range that helps player practice marksmanship. One of the solid additions they have includes cargo catapults, which will help fire long-distance cargo.

There are even inclusions like a new support skeleton and even portable jump ramps. There are also new missions coming, new enemies, and a Fragile Circuit Racetrack.

“Death Stranding Director’s Cut is packed with a ton of new content and enhanced gameplay features,” said Jay Boor, Head of Publishing at Kojima Productions, in a Playstation blog.

“We are introducing more weapons, equipment and vehicles, a variety of new modes, missions and areas to explore, expanded storylines, and enhancements to the UI. We will also be adding new online features including Friend Play and Leaderboards, more news on that coming soon!”

Next title for Kojima in the works

Death Stranding Director’s Cut received its first announcement during the Summer Games Fest last month. Kojima Productions itself confirmed that it is working on its next project. Kojima himself does not have enough details to share at the time.

“I can’t say specifically,” answered Hideo Kojima to Geoff Keighley. “It won’t be like the past, it won’t be one step at a time. It’s a drastic change, just like after 9/11, we have to adapt and think about new ways of creating, as entertainment can’t fall behind.

“I have to think about what’s going to happen in the future. If it was something like an alien coming into my game, it wouldn’t matter much about the state of the world. We could just make up any concept or ideas. But I always want to put some societal elements as a base into the game to introduce players to what’s happening and maybe they’ll think about it. Of course, all the while still be entertaining.

“With this speed of change, I need to really consider which prediction I make and which ways I introduce ideas to the player.”

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be available for the Playstation on September 24. PS4 players can get a cheap next-gen upgrade for the game for just $10.

Featured image courtesy of Playstation/Youtube Screenshot

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