‘Death Stranding’ will come bundled with Nvidia RTX cards


Death Stranding will now bundle with some RTX GPU cards. Starting this weekend, players will net a PC version of the Hideo Kojima creation.

Death Stranding is among the first few games that will support Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0. This new upscaling technology will optimize and improve the graphics of the game. As Stranding will come out on July 14, an eligible GPU purchase will net players the title.

DLSS 2.0 will boost Stranding framerates

Stranding has been a divisive game across the entire player base. The people who love it will stand for the title due to the game’s expansive world. The gameplay is relaxing, fun, and is a deep story for those who enjoy it.


Those who disdain Kojima’s game, however, dislike it like it’s the worst game out there. People call it a hiking simulator and the reason Konami controlled Kojima. Whatever opinions people have about the game, there is a detail all people love.

The game is visual eye candy, with some of the richest graphics and landscapes. It is a beautiful, albeit wistful post-apocalyptic title. These graphics will only get better with Nvidia’s new DLSS 2.0.

The new DLSS 2.0 will be life-changing to many players. as Nvidia explains, DLSS “is a new and improved deep learning neural network that boosts frame rates and generates beautiful, sharp images for your games. It gives you the performance headroom to maximize ray tracing settings and increase output resolution.”

With the new driver, RTX technology will use the power of AI to optimize players’ games. It will boost frame rates, especially in games with GPU-intensive titles. All this hullabaloo means higher resolutions and better FPS.

An RTX GPU purchase will net fans the free game

For players who want Death Stranding for PC, many will likely get themselves an RTX GPU for it. Those who will can get the game for free with an RTX 20- series card. These cards include 2080 Ti, 2080 Super, 2080, 2070 Super, 2070, 2060 Super, and 2060.


Once purchased, players can then redeem a version of the game on Steam. Players will receive a Steam code that they would need to enter into the storefront.

Nvidia claims that every RTX 20- series card can support 4k60fps for Kojima’s game. The cards that support it will include even the cheapest 2060 RTX cards.

A new Game Ready graphics driver is also coming to optimize more games. Some of the supported games will include F1 2020 and Death Stranding itself. To find participating outlets and retailers, players can find the list on Nvidia’s website.

Images courtesy of Kojima Productions/Youtube Screenshot


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