‘Deathloop’ delayed to 2021

Arkane Studios’ Deathloop is an interesting and confusing game at first glance, and fans want to try it out immediately. However, it seems like the game will have to wait inside development for a while longer.

Not surprisingly, a lot of games that were set to release this year are being canceled. The most recent one being Arkane Studios’ Deathloop, which was initially slated to launch later this year. Why did the developer delay this up and coming shooter?

Delayed to next year

In a recent tweet, developers confirmed that the shooter had been delayed to 2021 instead of releasing it this year. The announcement comes with a lengthy explanation as to why the game is being delayed for now.

Based on what the developer has had to say, the team handling the game is working in a limited environment. This is likely caused by the restrictions coming from the pandemic. To assure that the game comes out as smoothly and as perfectly as possible, the developers have since decided just to delay the experience entirely.

Currently, Arkane Lyons is working from home. While the transition has been great so far, the developers believe that polishing still needs to be done.

It adds that the extra time in development will allow them to create a world brimming with great characters and a whole lot of fun. No exact release date has been given yet, but the tweet did say that the developers will be revealing more updates about the game soon.

What is the game about?

Deathloop is a shooter with time-bending elements involved. Based on the trailer, it seems like players will be living a day over and over again as they die and experience new scenes, uncover new secrets, and understand the mystery behind the game. It’s certainly a unique take on the shooter genre.

Since being revealed during the State of Play for the PlayStation 5, all eyes have been on Arkane Studios’ next game. While disappointing, the delay is necessary for allowing the developers to create a seamless playing experience once the game launches.

Deathloop is another game in a string of titles that have been delayed to next year. However, players should understand at least that the developers are trying their best to make sure that progress is being made while there’s still a pandemic. Hopefully, the game will indeed release next year.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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