Defeat Wolverine in ‘Fortnite’ with ease via this guide

Fortnite's Wolverine Standard Costume

Fortnite is expected to see a deluge of challenges as the new week comes along to the game. One of the most difficult challenges to come with the influx is perhaps the condition to eliminate Wolverine.

For a mutant that epitomizes the meaning of tough in both movies and comics, Wolverine is no slouch in Fortnite as well. This guy is indeed solid that he can withstand most attacks and is capable of regeneration. He’s also incredibly aggressive, being able to hack and slash towards attacking opponents with enough power and fierceness.  Essentially, making him deadly in the game.

Players, however, would want to deal with Wolverine, regardless of his daunting presence. Not only does beating him in Fortnite gives players a unique sense of challenge, but the undertaking is also ultimately rewarding. This, aside from the feeling of satisfaction, gives players a unique costume to add to their overall existing wardrobe of outfits.

To put it simply, players would want to defeat Wolverine in the game in order to get his costume. This, consequently, also paves the way to unlocking his alternative, the Classic costume.

Where is Wolverine in Fortnite?

For a mutant that has a loner persona, Wolverine can be found loitering somewhere in the Weeping Wood. His location is not fixed to a single spot, so there are multiple claims about where he can be pinpointed.

The best way to come across the X-Men member is with a helicopter, which gives a bird’s eye view of the region. Another method would be to choose to drive around the area with a truck.

How to defeat Wolverine?

Like previous “boss encounters” in Fortnite, the key to winning the battle is through adequate preparations. This meant a combination of looting as many resources as possible while buffing up with stats boost. Doing so would, at least, give the player the necessary foundation and support for a close encounter.

Players would want to approach Wolverine in a vehicle for another purpose than just fast travel—a shield. In the best-case scenario, these vehicles can act as a temporary distraction and barrier against the NPC’s aggression. This choice is also best when you’re thinking of going solo.

What reward to get?

As previously mentioned, defeating Wolverine is a fruitful endeavor. By doing so, you get his regular skin. An unlockable, which should complete a set based on previous weeks’ challenge rewards as well as enable the unlocking of the Wolverine Classic skin.

Image used courtesy of TG Plays/YouTube Screenshot

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