‘Defending Jacob’ season 2: Will Chris Evans return for a second run?

'Defending Jacob' season 2: Will Chris Evans return for a second run?

Chris Evans fans continue to hope for a Defending Jacob season 2. But, will the series have a second run? And will the actor return to reprise his role?

It’s almost a month now since Defending Jacob wrapped up its eight-episode season. After the twist of events at the ending, fans are wondering now if there’s going to be a second season.

Defending Jacob is a crime drama web series based on the novel of the same by William Landay. The first season covered the entire book already so a season 2 is really a question many are curious about.

The series also deviated from the book’s original ending. Instead of wrapping things up, showrunner-writer Mark Bomback and director Morton Tyldum left it with a cliffhanger.

It was not what fans have hoped for since they wanted some solid answers. But the ending just ultimately led viewers to clamor for more.

A limited series

According to TV Insider, Defending Jacob 2 is originally never part of Apple TV+’s plan. The series was made to be a limited one with the intention of telling its story over the course of a single season.

A sophomore run will only most likely happen if Landay provides showrunners with some new material. Currently, a follow-up novel isn’t in the talks. But there is still a chance for a Defending Jacob season 2.

The show can still opt to go beyond its initial plan and follow the path of other limited series like HBO’s Big Little Lies.

Featuring also an A-List cast, Big Little Lies ended up being renewed for a second season.

Will Evans do a second season?

Evans plays the role of District Attorney Andy Barbe, father of 14-year old accused murderer boy Jacob (Jaeden Martell).

He is seen doing everything in his power to help his son and prove his innocence. But in the end, his wife, Laurie (Michelle Dockery), put her son in a coma.

Laurie tried to seek the truth from her son by speeding down the road to press him for answers. Jacob got terrified by his mother’s reckless action that he decided to admit to the murder just to make her stop.

They end up crashing, with Laurie injured and Jacob in a coma. According to Deadline, Evans and co-star Dockery joked that should there be a season 2, it would be titled Defending Laurie and/or Defending Jacob: Laurie’s Revenge.

Evans also revealed these thoughts about the possibility of doing another run of the limited series.

“I would never do it unless it was a story worth telling, but from the perspective of at least the people that I’ve worked with, you know, in a heartbeat,” Evans said.

Dockery shared the sentiment with Evans and both agreed that it will all still depend on the appetite of the audience for the show.

“We thought we were closing the door but I don’t know, I feel like there’s always an opportunity to revisit something and especially if the audience out there, there’s an appetite for it, so who knows?” Dockery said.

Fans will just have to stay tuned to find out if Defending Jacob season 2 is going to happen in the future.

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