DeFi 11 brings transparency into fantasy sports and betting using blockchain


The global Fantasy Sports and Betting market is predicted to explode to over $270 billion by 2024 from its current size of $104 billion.

While the market has already attracted tens of millions of people, platform transparency is still a major cause of concern among gamers and bettors. Blockchain firm DeFi 11 aims to solve those issues and restore trust in Fantasy Sports.

DeFi 11 Brings Decentralization To Fantasy Gaming

DeFi 11 is a gaming platform that aims to remove the uncertainties such as the lack of transparency and auditability in the fantasy sports and betting niche. The platform’s goal is to bring the gaming ecosystem to a decentralized platform to solve those issues found in centralized fantasy sports and betting platforms.

Blockchain, the same technology powering behind popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) is known for its transparency and immutability. By applying this technology to fantasy gaming and betting, DeFi 11 will solve a host of issues found in centralized platforms such as the misuse of insider information, false daily volumes reporting to artificially boost the market’s size, the lack of audit and internal controls, and the lack of privacy.

DeFi 11 Features

The DeFi 11 is composed of a team of developers, programmers, artists, innovators, and designers. The team’s goal is to provide a gaming platform that is free from fraud, completely transparent, without market manipulation, offers peer-to-peer transactions functionality and user anonymity.

There are eight features in the DeFi 11 platforms that are aimed and providing the best experience for its users. These include Fantasy Sports, Betting, NFT Gaming, Liquidity Pool, Prediction Contracts, Staking, Swapping, and Rewards & Incentives.

DeFi 11 sets the bar higher in fantasy sports by offering NFT gaming. With non-fungible tokens, players can trade unique items securely via its peer-to-peer system.

Of course, every player knows that games tend to be more interesting when something is at stake. That’s what the betting and prediction contracts features are for, allowing players to make bets and earn winnings.

Meanwhile, the liquidity pool, staking, and swapping are in place to help players with their funding requirements. The game also offers rewards and incentives using the platform’s D11 tokens. To learn more about the latest announcements of the project, click here.

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