DeHive: DeFi assets in just one index

DeHive, a fully decentralized protocol, enables users to be holders of the top DeFi tokens packed into a single index in just one click.

It provides an economically sound and justified index of the assets, allowing users to get a picture of the whole decentralized finance sector’s development and assess market health.

Underlying currencies in the tokens placed in DeHive’s index are stored in the protocol’s smart contracts, with transparency of balances of assets assured for users. With its first-to-market orientation as a crypto index protocol, it ensures the swift acquisition of the selected tokens at the best market price possible.

The DeHive index

DeHive’s index has a set of crypto assets that are in proportion to promote passive income for those who are using it. In its entirety, DeHive’s platform represents a strategic approach for users to stake tokens that represent its index and benefit from yield farming mechanisms. Meanwhile, DeHive clients can also partake in DHV (DeHive’s native token) liquidity mining while staking the index of top DeFi assets.

DeHive acts as a solution to various issues that make maintaining a crypto portfolio troublesome such as control over funds, risk of losses, high-risk operations, security, the complexity of involved technology, and fund flow restrictions.

DeHive’s solutions

The protocol completely discarded all concepts of centralized finance – meaning no “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) and ownership over the transfer of funds. Potential losses due to volatility are minimized because of the systematic selection of assets in DeHive index. This also reduces high-risk operations that could result in unforeseen losses. DeHive has also opted not to include AMMs, swaps, or liquidity pools to assure the security of funds.

In terms of simplicity, DeHive has developed a system that allows users to do everything they need to do with just a click of the finger. After all, the fully decentralized protocol was designed in the concept of its main credo, “Buy in one click. Hold in one index. Earn in one moment.”


Image courtesy of TotalKrypto/YouTube

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