DeHive features great stuff with Alpha version demo


With its much-anticipated launch this coming July, DeHive has its loyal supporters and excited would-be users on pins and needles.

The hype must have been loud enough, as DeHive won’t make us wait until July to unveil what it does and how its system works, courtesy of its Alpha version demo.

Of course, this “early version” won’t come with all the bells and whistles, not yet anyway, but what it shows will give us a glimpse of the true potential of the platform that promises to bring the first-to-market decentralized crypto index protocol.

What to expect with the Alpha version demo

As it is yet to launch next month, the DeHive platform is in a very active phase of development right now and lots of amazing features are still underway.

Meanwhile, with its Alpha demo version, the DeHive team gives us a sneak preview of some basic functions that users will soon be able to take advantage of.

DeHive will give the first look at its “patented” indexes and experimental underlying sets, the procedure of management for its custom indexes as well as DeHive Index creation and redemption.

DeHive still has a lot to offer

As impressive as the demo version is, DeHive reminds its community that what they will see in the demonstration is not the “main package” yet and that they are in for more impressive innovations.

Still under construction and development are the final versions of the platform design, the DHV token mining concept, DeHive staking mechanisms, and strategies for yield farming.

If everything goes according to the team’s plans and projections, we could all be looking at a full-scale experience of the true power of the DeHive platform.

Meanwhile, take a more in-depth look at the DeHive Alpha demo in this video:

Better things are coming for you courtesy of DeHive!

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