Dell updates Mobile Connect app to mirror iPhone on Windows

Dell updated its Mobile Connect iOS app this week with new features added, and the best one is the ability to mirror Apple iPhones to Windows PC.

The latest version of the app rolled out recently introduces the ability for Windows users to control their phones through their keyboard and mouse. Touch control is also enabled. The easy drag-and-drop transfer of photo and video files is one of the update’s best feature.

Unlike before, if you have an iPhone, you are most likely going to have a Mac to take advantage of Apple’s ecosystem. The seamless interaction between the iPhone and Windows that Dell provides gives its consumers more options. Their choice of whether they should opt for an all-Apple device is being negated by Dell’s new software.

With the Mobile Connect iOS app, the combination of a Windows device and the iPhone might grow in the near future.

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It’s not just about screen mirroring

As mentioned earlier, this Mobile Connect version allows screen mirroring. This allows users to control their iPhone without taking their eyes off their laptop screen.

However, the update is not just about screen mirroring. The new version includes Windows support for making hands-free iPhone calls whenever an Apple smartphone is connected. The user may also text through the PC. Notifications are easily accessed through the app, as well as searching for your contacts.

Besides enabling iPhone connectivity, Android devices are not exempted from the new update. Dell added the ability to send MMS messages to another smartphone through the software.

To use the Mobile Connect, both the Apple device and the laptop should have the app already installed. The on-screen instructions, which are easy to understand, should be followed and the setup is done.

The features mentioned were first seen last CES 2020, an annual tech exhibit hosted by the Consumer Technology Association.

A Dell computer exclusive

The new Mobile Connect app is not open for all Windows laptops and there are no reports whether the company is willing to open the app for other manufacturers.

For the software to work, a few pre-requisites should be met:

  • First, the Dell device needs to be 2018 or newer with Bluetooth connectivity. Laptops from the XPS series, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware, and the G Series works with the app without any issues.
  • Second, the iPhone should be running iOS 11 or above.

Will other devices follow suit?

For those unaware, Dell is not the sole manufacturer that has that kind of application. Microsoft has “Your Phone,” which works similarly to the Mobile Connect app. Microsoft’s version works with any kind of smartphone.

Huawei, on the other hand, has its own version as well, though the feature is exclusive to Huawei’s own ecosystem.

The Dell Mobile Connect App is available for download on the Microsoft Store, the Apple App Store, and Google PlayStore.

Featured images courtesy of Flickr / Isriya Paireepairit / Mike Mozart


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