Dell XPS line up offers unparalleled features for all tech enthusiasts

The Dell XPS line up is a powerful line up that provides superior capabilities for the regular Joe up to professional content creators.

Dell caught the attention of many laptop users when it launched the repackaged XPS laptop line up back in 2013 with the XPS 13 9333. Ever since then, the company has been churning out powerful laptops and has never looked back in its sizeable lead.

This year, Dell launched its most exciting XPS line up yet. In addition to the regular XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops, the company surprised many when it announced the XPS 17. The release means that the XPS line up caters to all sorts of users in the market.

All base models give enough power for its intended user, and the comparisons below only have the base models as the basis.

XPS 13 is for the casual user’s daily driver

The XPS 13 is the nifty tool perfect for a regular laptop user. The form factor of the XPS 13 is its strongest selling factor. Its compact design makes it the best portable laptop considering its size, weight, and internal specs. This year, Dell pushed the boundaries of the XPS’ screen even further.

The screen of the laptop has a whopping 91.5% screen to body ratio, which means that multitasking on several windows will be a breeze. Moreover, the XPS 13 is sufficiently adept in terms of internal specs.

The base model comes with the latest 10th Gen Intel core-i5 processor and 8GB 3733MHz LPDDR4x Memory Onboard. The battery is also one of the XPS 13’s powerful selling point. With regular usage, the laptop can run up to 13hrs on a full charge.

Its retail price starts at AU$ $2,598.99 with possible upgrades costing up to $5,199.01 for its fully decked up 4K touch screen version

Overall, the XPS 13 is the laptop designed for regular web browsing and productivity app user. The laptop wasn’t designed for powerful gaming or video and photo processing, but it is more than enough for normal computing tasks.

XPS 15 is for the user who seeks power without compromise

The XPS 15 is the laptop for a user who can’t decide which laptop feature to prioritize. The Dell XPS signature form factor also applies to this laptop. The company was able to make the laptop even more compact to its predecessor. It now carries up to 92.9% screen to body ratio without having to compromise on the body size.

The base model ships with the 10th Gen Intel Core-i5 and 8GB, 2x4GB, DDR4, 2933MHz. The graphics are only powered by the standard Intel UHD Graphic card. This configuration gives enough power to run games that do not need powerful graphics cards, yet it can still help creators generate content at an acceptable rendering time.

If the user decides to buy the XPS 15, the better recommendation would be its more expensive version that runs the Intel Core – i7 with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6 with Max-Q. This way, the XPS 15 can run multiple power-hungry applications as smooth as butter.

The XPS 15 base model retails at $2,798.98 with the Intel Core – i7 powered one at $3,698.99. The most powerful configuration of the XPS 15 comes at a staggering $6,399.00.

All in all, the XPS 15 will sell well because of its form factor. Should users want both a good form factor and meaty specs, they should go for the more expensive model.

XPS 17 was created with the creators in mind

Dell surprised many when it relaunched the XPS 17. The company has come with guns pointed straight at Apple’s Macbook Pro 16-inch. The form factor of the XPS 17 is a design feat for the future. Dell was able to fit in a full 17-inch screen on a 15-inch body that is significantly smaller than other 15-inch screen laptops.

All configurations of the XPS 17 will be powered by the 10th Gen Comet Lake H-series processors with the Core i5 version. Unlike the XPS 13 and XPS 17, the XPS 17 can have a configuration of up to the Core i9 version, which means that RAM and power guzzler applications won’t even break the XPS 17’s sweat.

The XPS 17 is still currently in production and will ship around June or July of 2020. Its base model will retail at around $2,290, but content creators shouldn’t choose the base model and should go for the more decked out configuration of the XPS 17.

Image courtesy of I AM NIKOM/Shutterstock

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