Delta variant poses new pandemic challenges as cases surge

Delta variant poses new pandemic challenges as cases surge

The World Health Organization said that the Delta variant is now present in over 85 countries.

The Delta variant of the coronavirus continues to cause fears among countries. This comes as experts deem the strain as “more transmissible” than the rest of the variants of concern.

Since its emergence, health officials across the globe have remained vigilant of it. These days, however, worries have heightened following the case surge in various parts of the globe.

CNA reported that the variant, first identified in India, now “threatens” new challenges in the pandemic crisis. This comes after countries with high vaccination rates reintroduce restrictions as daily cases see a sharp jump.

New COVID-19 cases on the rise due in part to the Delta variant

The Delta variant has now impacted over 85 countries, according to the World Health Organization. Many of these areas include even those that had previously managed their epidemics.

This, then, resulted in the reintroduction of new restrictions in their respective borders. Some of these locations include Australia, Israel, and Russia.

In Africa, 14 countries have already reported cases of the said variant. These include Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Reports also noted that other locations and regions now have growing fears because of the current events.

New COVID-19 cases on the rise due in part to the Delta variant

More transmissible than the Alpha variant

The Delta variant of COVID-19 began circulating in India around April. It reportedly accounts for the second wave in the country.

Similarly, the same variant gained a foothold in the United Kingdom. It even outpaced the Alpha variant, which is the local variant of concern across the country. To date, 95 percent of all the cases in England are due to the B.1.617.2 variant.

Previously, Alpha or the B.1.1.7 variant, is more contagious than the strain responsible for the first wave of the pandemic. But, with the Delta outpacing Alpha, it only shows how much more serious the former is.

Reports, later on, said that experts deem it to be 40 to 60 percent more transmissible and contagious than the Alpha variant. This dynamic seemingly continues elsewhere as more new COVID-19 cases due to the B.1.617.2 emerge across the globe.

Vaccination is the key

Following the latest developments, WHO’s Director-General confirmed on Friday that the Delta variant is the “most transmissible” among all COVID-19 variants today. He also stated that it is “spreading rapidly among unvaccinated populations.”

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, then, urged the public to use all the tools at the public’s disposal to prevent the further transmission of the virus, especially the Delta variant. Apart from following the precautionary measures and restrictions, he highlighted the importance of “equitable vaccination.”

Images courtesy of Mayo Clinic/YouTube

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