Demand for the COVID-19 US drug Remdesivir rising in India

The current demand for Remdesivir drugs is rising in India amid growing cases of COVID-19. Gilead Sciences Inc. makes the drug in the US.

According to Reuters, India is witnessing new cases of COVID-19 daily. A top executive at Cipla Ltd CIPL. NS told on Monday that the country needs more supplies of Remdesivir. Initially, the demand was low when it was manufactured in the United States. But now there’s been a sharp rise in the last few days.

In India, Cipla is among few manufacturers licensed to sell the drug’s generic version. It’s doing that for the developing nations.

Company’s global chief financial officer Kedar Upadhye said:

“From October onwards (the company is) seeing a very sharp increase in (remdesivir) monthly volumes … there are no constraints on supplies now.”

Additionally, he also said that Cipla sold more than 300,000 vials of the drug. The figure mentioned was for September.

Is Remdesivir really effective against Coronavirus?

The US-made drug is currently the standard remedy for COVID-19 positive patients. More than 50 nations have approved its usage in the states.

However, last month the World Health Organization said that it’s not as effective. And that it didn’t affect the patients’ stay in the hospitals.

“In India, the protocols (on remdesivir) have not changed, and demand continues.”

Since there’s no actual vaccine right now, many countries’ governments allow Remdesivir as a tea temporary solution.

Global COVID-19 cases are increasing worldwide

Meanwhile, the cases are constantly rising each day across the globe. As per World Meters Info, the total figure has crossed the mark of 5 crores. The death toll is above 12 lakh, while recoveries are close to 36 lakh.

India is about to reach the total figure of the United States. Many states are witnessing a serious increase every 24 hours.

On the other hand, the US is currently the most-affected country in the world. And it’s also on top with the highest number of deaths. It will be interesting to see how the new US President Joe Biden handles the pandemic in the coming months.

Plus, people across the globe will also hope to get the news of a vaccine. Before the election, Donald Trump did assert a possible introduction of the vaccine. But now that he’s faced defeat, it’s not known how this situation will proceed further.

Rapid demands for Remdesivir can be a temporary relief but not permanently. However, it creates a belief that doctors in the US are working on a possible solution. And that they might come up with good news by the next year, hopefully.

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