Demi Lovato acting like she was never engaged to Max Ehrich, moves on from actor

Demi Lovato acting like she was never engaged to Max Ehrich, moves on from actor

Demi Lovato has, reportedly, moved on from her former fiancé, Max Ehrich.

According to Us Weekly, Demi Lovato refuses to talk about the actor. And she’s also acting as if she never dated Ehrich.

“Demi has finally cut him out,” a source said.

Max Ehrich gets his stuff from Demi Lovato home

The source also revealed that Ehrich’s team picked up his belongings from Lovato’s home earlier this month. And Ehrich was, reportedly, surprised when Lovato returned the engagement ring that he gave to her.

“Max didn’t expect to get it back so it was a very nice gesture and meant a lot. It’s been very hard for him. He’s in shambles over the whole situation,” the source said.

Demi Lovato hanging out with friends after Max Ehrich split 

Demi Lovato hanging out with friends after Max Ehrich split

But Lovato seems to be taking things in stride. After all, the former child star has, reportedly, been acting as though their relationship never happened.

Lovato has also been spending time with her friends now that she’s single again. She was recently photographed hanging out with Matthew Scott Montgomery.

But even though Lovato is enjoying her time with friends, the magazine said that she has no plans to have an amicable relationship with Ehrich. Being friends with her ex is, reportedly, not in the cards right now.

Is Max Ehrich dating Sonika Vaid?

Ehrich also made headlines recently amid claims that he’s also moved on from Lovato. The actor recently shared a photo of his rumored girlfriend, Sonika Vaid on his Instagram account.

The actor shared a photo of himself FaceTiming with the American Idol alum. While the photo couldn’t necessarily confirm that the two are dating, some people are convinced that Ehrich and Vaid are an item.

However, the actor’s critics couldn’t believe how fast it was for him to get into a new relationship because he just split from Lovato a few weeks ago.

“So you got out of an engagement and post nonstop about Demi then date someone else? It’s ok to be single and heal,” one critic wrote.

“Maybe he’s doing it to get Demi mad,” another person commented.

But during an interview, Vaid revealed that she and Ehrich only met recently after having dinner with their mutual friends.

“It was a fun night and we all got to hang out and head to the studio together. We’ve just been hanging out since and having fun,” she told E! News.

By the looks of it, Ehrich and Vaid are just friends. As for Demi Lovato, the singer is also single.

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