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Demi Lovato allegedly use fake Instagram account to bully Selena Gomez


Demi Lovato recently revealed she is no longer best friends with Selena Gomez and now she’s being “canceled” by social media users.

According to a report, the hashtag #DemiLovatoIsOverParty became a trending topic on Twitter after some users accused Lovato of slamming her ex-best friend online.

They said that Lovato has been using a fake Instagram account to post negative comments about the Latina pop star.

Because of that, they are calling everyone to cancel or withdraw support to the pop star.

The account, which is under the name @traumaqueen4eva, is said to be owned by the Camp Rock actress because she seemed to have gone live on the account a few days ago featuring her rumored boyfriend Max Ehrich. The account is said to be deleted now.

Are the posts real?

Though the Instagram account was private, screenshots of the alleged bullying of Lovato spread like a wildfire online.

One post showed a throwback picture of her holding a magazine that featured her and Gomez together in the cover. However, Gomez’s face in the magazine is scribbled with a black marker. The Instagram caption said: “You can call me Petti Labelle.”

Another post showed a picture of her statement from her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the part where she talked about not being friends with Gomez anymore. Along with it is a caption that seemed to make fun of it.

The account also included an edited picture of Gomez and Lovato sitting closely next to each other, with Gomez even leaning on Lovato’s shoulder.

Sitting next to Gomez is rap artist Nicki Minaj who is also said to be someone Lovato dislikes for treating her badly at an event.

The caption that came along with it said that the photo was photoshopped and that such a picture of closeness would never happen.

The screenshots of the alleged posts of Lovato have already circulated to millions. However, a source close to Lovato clapped back saying that the posts in social media were obviously doctored.

“It’s sad that people are finding time to attack others when the world has far bigger issues to focus on at the moment,” the source said.

Nothing is confirmed

While it seems many are convinced of the circulating posts, nothing has really been confirmed or denied by Lovato. Gomez has also unsurprisingly made no comments.

It seems like the controversy has reached the “Stone Cold” singer though after she turned off the comments section in her Instagram account.

Apparently, haters have been attacking her in her real account for the alleged behavior against Gomez.

There are some that called out the toxic cancel culture and are imploring those who have been spreading hate to leave Lovato alone.

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