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Demi Lovato bought her own engagement ring, disappointed after Max Ehrich blindsided her: Rumor


Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich have been making headlines after it was confirmed that they called off their engagement.

According to In Touch Weekly, Ehrich claimed that Demi Lovato blindsided her. The actor said that he only found out that their engagement has been called off on social media. And a source claimed that Lovato sabotaged her relationship with Ehrich.

“She craves happiness, finally finds it with Max, then burns it all to the ground. She couldn’t handle the relationship,” the source said.

Max Ehrich blindsided Demi Lovato

However, Us Weekly claimed that it’s the other way around. A source told the magazine that Lovato told Ehrich beforehand that their wedding will no longer push through.

“And he decided to ignore the reality of it and spin a different story. She’s disappointed,” the source said.

Demi’s friends are worried about her

The insider also said that the people from Lovato’s recovery group warned her over her relationship with Ehrich. After all, they, allegedly, noticed that the former couple was rushing things. And following the fall out of her engagement, they are worried that she could relapse.

Lovato and Ehrich also, allegedly, struggled because of the distance between them. But now that they’re no longer together, the former child star is no longer blinded by love.

“Demi sees how much Max’s fame has increased since being with her and it’s leaving a bad taste in her mouth,” the source said.

Lovato’s mom isn’t also, allegedly, a fan of Ehrich because Dianne De La Garza thought that the actor is a horrible influence on her. But there are also claims that Demi Lovato and Ehrich’s split could be blamed on outside factors.

“There are a lot of jealous, negative people out there in Hollywood who will put out stories to try and bring you down. He’s still just trying to figure out what happened with Demi and wondering if the whole romance was all a lie,” the source said.

Demi Lovato thinks Max Ehrich is fame-hungry, manipulative

But the tabloid’s source is convinced that Ehrich just used Lovato because he’s fame-hungry and manipulative.

“Demi was truly played by this guy, who was fame-hungry and manipulative. He certainly benefited from Demi’s star power and it speaks volumes that she had to buy her own ring,” the source said.

Last week, People revealed that it was a difficult decision for Demi Lovato to end her engagement to Ehrich. However, the singer, reportedly, felt that the actor was using her to further his career.

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