Demi Lovato dating Bella Hadid’s ex-boyfriend after calling off Max Ehrich engagement?

Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich's tumultuous split 

Demi Lovato is, allegedly, dating Bella Hadid’s ex-boyfriend, Mod Sun.

Days ago, Demi Lovato and Mod Sun were photographed hanging out with each other. The rumored couple also chatted while sitting in Sun’s car.

Is Demi Lovato dating Mod Sun?

The sighting came shortly after Lovato called off her engagement to Max Ehrich.

A source told Life & Style that Sun makes Lovato laugh, and this is exactly what she needs right now.

However, the insider said that Hadid isn’t thrilled to know that Lovato is dating her ex-boyfriend. Even though the actress has already moved on from Sun a long time ago, she still, allegedly, feels hurt because Lovato broke the girl code.

But according to Page Six, Lovato and Sun aren’t dating. The publication said that Lovato isn’t keen on dating right now after what happened to her and Ehrich. The singer just wants to focus on her music.

Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich's tumultuous split 

Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich’s tumultuous split

Earlier this week, there were rumors claiming that Ehrich is struggling to let his former fiancée go. According to National Enquirer, the actor has been messaging all of Lovato’s family and friends, and they eventually blocked him.

Ehrich has also, allegedly, been trying to contact Demi Lovato.  But it didn’t take him very long to find out that the former child star has also blocked him everywhere.

“Since their break up, he’s been particularly creepy. Her friends are concerned there’s something more sinister happening and they fear Demi may have a psycho on her hands,” the source said.

Max Ehrich using his former fiancee?

Lovato’s friends are, allegedly, convinced that Ehrich is still profiteering from their split. After all, he recently posted a photo of himself crying while hanging out at the beach where he proposed to Lovato.

“They had ‘setup’ written all over them and Demi thinks this was another ploy to trick her into thinking he cares and let him back in her life,” the source said.

Around the same time, Us Weekly revealed that Lovato has already moved on from Ehrich. In fact, the “Stone Cold” singer is allegedly making everyone feel that she was never engaged to the actor.

“Demi has finally cut him out,” the source said.

But before doing so, the insider said that Lovato first returned the engagement ring that Ehrich gave to her last summer.

“Max didn’t expect to get it back so it was a very nice gesture and meant a lot. It’s been very hard for him. He’s in shambles over the whole situation,” the source said.

However, it is unclear if the tabloids’ claims are true. After all, only Demi Lovato knows what’s going on in her life.

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