Demi Lovato family relieved with Max Ehrich split, source says

Demi Lovato family relieved that she split with Max Ehrich, source says

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich’s engagement was short-lived, and the anticipated wedding is no longer happening. Her family is relieved that their romance has ended, according to a source.

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich’s romance did not have a happy ending. Their split even turned out messy when he said that she didn’t break up with him. Ehrich claimed he only learned that their engagement was over through tabloids.

Demi Lovato and Max’s split relieved her family

A source allegedly close to Demi Lovato spoke up with Hollywood Life. According to the insider, her family couldn’t be happier with their separation.

“Her whole family is breathing a sigh of relief that she was able to see the signs before they got married,” an insider told the outlet.

The insider alleged that Ehrich was attacking Lovato online, so ending their engagement was the best thing to do. Following their separation, some were wondering if it would be a temporary split. But the way Ehrich was acting suggested that there won’t be any reconciliation, the insider added.

What did Ehrich say after the split

Max Ehrich reportedly accused Demi Lovato of using their relationship as a “public relations stunt.” He also said that he only learned that she called off their engagement through tabloids.

The Skyscraper star is staying strong, but their split wasn’t easy. However, Ehrich’s actions after their separation only proved that she made the right choice by walking away, the source added.

“It’s really upsetting that he’s lashing out but she’ll rise above it and come out stronger, that’s what she does,” the tipster continued.

Demi’s feelings after the split

A second insider told Hollywood Life that Demi Lovato was disappointed with the way her relationship with Max Ehrich ended. Breakups are something no one wants to deal with, and the way he reacted was heartbreaking for her.

Lovato hopes that the issues will be over so she could focus on other things. She doesn’t want heartbreak, and getting over their relationship is a good start, the source said.

“Hopefully for Demi, Max stops talking about it,” the second tipster added.

Max’s alleged thirst tweets for Selena Gomez

A week before their split, Max Ehrich’s alleged thirst tweets for Selena Gomez resurfaced. Many were sad and furious after learning that he seemed more interested in her ex-BFF than her.

Demi Lovato defended her ex-fiance at the time, calling those photos circulating on social media fake. She also said if two women are at odds, then it’s between them, suggesting that Ehrich should be spared.

Lovato said earlier that she and Gomez were no longer friends. Many did not expect her statement because earlier this year, the Boyfriend singer shared a sweet post about her during her performance at the Grammys.


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