Demi Lovato ‘hurt’ after learning ex-fiance Max Ehrich’s ungenuine move

Demi Lovato

Weeks after Demi Lovato announced that she already broke up with Max Ehrich, sources unveiled the possible reason behind it.

Demi Lovato, reportedly, broke off her engagement to Max Ehrich after learning that his intentions to her were not genuine.

In July, Ehrich and Lovato shared their engagement news with their followers after just two months of dating. To recall, they only met earlier this year and chose to quarantine together amid the pandemic.

Sadly, their relationship ended in a bittersweet way after the singer called time on their romance.

While everything between them is still fresh, sources claimed that the 28-year-old singer canceled their engagement after Max became “wrapped up” in fame.

They also said that when the 29-year-old actor finally had his public profile shoot up, he immediately shrugged off Demi as if nothing was happening between them.

“It was very hurtful to Demi when she realised that Max’s intentions weren’t genuine. Breaking off the engagement was not an easy decision,” one of the insiders said.

Meanwhile, another one pointed out that Demi and Max stayed together all day and all night for months. Although they happily lived together, Demi experienced a hard time when Max became more famous after dating her.

Furthermore, they saw Max changed when he became busy in Hollywood.

Is Demi Lovato’s engagement with Max a mistake?

Amid this new controversy surrounding Max’s name, another source said that Demi believes she made a mistake when she accepted his proposal.

In a secured and exclusive interview with People Magazine, the insider said that the “OK Not To Be OK’ somewhat regretted the engagement.

“[Demi believed Max was] trying to further his career by using her name behind her back. It was hard for Demi to admit she made a mistake when it came to Max.”

This new statement came after when Demi allegedly declared that she does not want to do anything with Max now.

Demi Lovato used by Max Ehrich?

Furthermore, the singer also felt embarrassed to the point that she does not want to be in contact with her ex-fiance.

“Demi is completely done and doesn’t want to see him again at this point,” the source went on. “She can’t believe she fell into his trap and is really upset over it.”

Indeed, Max is noticeably active on his social media accounts nowadays. He also keeps on mentioning Demi’s name, convincing everyone that he does not know anything about the split.

However, in reality, he reportedly caused them to reach this point.

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