Demi Moore crushing on Justin Hartley, 14-year age gap a selling point for actress: Rumor

Demi Moore crushing on Justin Hartley, 14-year age gap a selling point for actress: Rumor

Demi Moore, allegedly, has a crush on Justin Hartley.

According to National Enquirer, Demi Moore isn’t bothered by their 14-year age gap. In fact, the Ghost star, allegedly, sees this as a selling point because she and Ashton Kutcher had a 15-year age gap.

Demi Moore has a crush on Justin Hartley

A source told the tabloid that Moore developed a crush on Hartley after she saw photos of him on Instagram.

“She’s had the hots for him ever since they filmed a funny skit on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show last year,” the source said.

Demi Moore has a crush on Justin Hartley 

Demi Moore has her eyes set on dating the actor

Seven years after her split from Kutcher, the source claimed that Moore is finally coming out of her shell.

“Now, she wants to have some fun – and she’s zeroed in on Justin. Demi’s going after her dream man and Justin checks every box – particularly as he’s got a bad-boy streak…” the source said.

Did Demi express her desire to be with Bruce Willis again?

Rumors about Moore seemingly desperate for love have been rife for years. In May, OK! magazine claimed that the actress was begging her ex-husband, Bruce Willis to get back together with her.

A source claimed that Moore developed feelings for her ex-husband after they quarantined together with their three daughters.

“That’s exactly what they have been for six weeks now, and they’re truly having such a blast together that Demi has glimpsed what her future could have been if she and Bruce didn’t fall in love at the wrong time. She was messed up when she was younger, while they were together, and Bruce both didn’t understand and didn’t have the patience for Demi’s behavior. He’s been so impressed at the change in her after spending real time with her. He would hate to admit this, but it feels like the old, good times between them – only better,” the source said.

Brad Pitt bumped into Demi in Paris, Jennifer Aniston furious

In March, New Idea claimed that Demi Moore was interested in Brad Pitt. During their separate trip to Paris, the A-listers, allegedly, bumped into each other and they hit it off.

Moore and Pitt, allegedly, dined out together, and they also talked about their struggles with alcohol and sobriety.

A source claimed that after Jennifer Aniston found out that the two ate together, she confronted Moore. After all, the Friends star and Pitt were, allegedly, dating back then.

However, none of these claims are true. Demi Moore isn’t interested in Hartley. And Aniston didn’t confront her about Pitt. The actress didn’t also express any desire to get back together with Willis.

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