Horizon State and MiVote announce deal with Indian political party

Horizon State India

The second most populated country in the world is about to start using the blockchain-based voting platform developed by Australian companies Horizon State and MiVote.

From 2019, the Democratic Party of India will use the new technology to consult Indian citizens before determining its policy positions.

MiVote and Horizon State are “thrilled” by the agreement, which has seen the value of Horizon State’s “Decision Token” increase by around ten per cent in 24 hours.

It’s a timely development for the promising start-up, which announced the shock exit of its high-profile co-founder Jamie Skella earlier this week.

MiVote says since launching ‘MiVote India’ at the World Economic Forum in January, it has received a positive response.

“With a focus on improving community decision-making throughout the world, MiVote is a democratic model open to individuals, parties and governments,” a MiVote spokesperson said.

“MiVote India is thrilled that the DPI has adopted the complete MiVote model.”

The Democratic Party of India was established in 1961 and was registered by the Election Commission of India in the year 1989.

It already boasts more than 3 million members across India in the first 60 days since its relaunch.

The founder of the Global MiVote movement, Adam Jacoby, said he is thrilled “to have found a group of people so committed to the principles of genuine democracy.”

“The Democratic Party of India will be a wonderful steward of the MiVote model and will provide the people of India with a political choice unlike anything they have seen before,” he said.

“Powering the DPI with the world’s premier blockchain voting platform from our partner organisation, Horizon State will ensure that all voters will have access to the safest and most sophisticated voting platform available today.”

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