‘Demon Slayer: Infinity Train’ OST Homura an instant hit!

Homura, Demon Slayer: Infinity Train’s new theme song seems to embrace the same fate with the movie! As Mugen Train is breaking records in Japan, LiSA’s enthralling track has also been captivating fans’ hearts.

LiSA created the new theme song of the Demon Slayer: Infinity Train‘s new movie. With Mugen Train’s popularity breaches limits in Japan, Homura also topped the Japanese charts.

The Demon Slayer: Infinity Train breaking records is purely a result of the anime franchise’s success.

Of course, singer LiSA was the one who also created the opening theme song for the first season. Homura champed the records for the most downloaded music in the country.

The slaying theme song

Homura is indeed a significant deal as it topped around fifty-five digital charts in Japan. The song already made rounds in Japan before the release of the movie.

With this, Demon Slayer: Infinity Train proves that the anime franchise is still breaching new heights of popularity. This is even though the manga story already ended earlier this year.

With LiSA’s charms in the anime run, it wouldn’t be a surprise that she will be returning on the next season.

Furthermore, the anime’s second season is yet to be confirmed by the animation studio. The said studio is the one responsible for both the film and the anime’s first season.

However, if LiSa returns, it is another grand adventure for Tanjiro, Nezuko, and their demon-slaying friends!

The continued story

The anime franchise’s first movie focuses on a runaway train. It features our favorite swordsmen and also demon’s gluttony.

These demons are attempting to consume humanity for their leisure. Mugen Train is opposite to Dragon Ball and Bleach franchises, which created movies outside of their main continuity.

This new installment of Demon Slayer compared to the two instead takes place immediately following the first season finale. It is going to be something to look forward to the fans.

However, those who are avid fans in North America have to wait until next year to see the circle who are slaying demons for good.

As of writing, Demon Slayer: Infinity Train has already garnered billions of yen. This is only in a short period that the movie hits the big screens.

The digits only prove the massive impact of the anime franchise on the readers and viewers. That created a fanbase that is so hyped with the journey of Tanjiro and his demon-slaying friends.

Image courtesy of LiSA Official YouTube/YouTube Screenshot

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