‘Demon Slayer’ movie makes $100 million in 10 days

Anime movie Demon Slayer made a new box-office record in Japan. It has crossed $100 million in just 10 days!

According to Reuters, Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train has made a revenue of around 10.75 billion yen. It translates to around $102.48 million.

With this, it has established a new box-office record in Japan. The distributor of the film announced the news on Monday.

“Demon Slayer” beats Japanese record of “Spirited Away”

2001’s animated flick Spirited Away was the fastest to reach $100 million when it was released. Made by Hayao Miyazaki, it achieved the feat under 25 days.

But Demon Slayer has now shattered this record, doing the same thing in just 10 days.

It also made a new record of the best opening weekend. Arriving on October 16, it earned a whopping $44 million.

The anime film is based on popular manga series set in Japan more than 100 years ago. The story follows a boy who loses his family and then fights human-eating demons.

Its co-distributor Aniplex also revealed that around 7.98 million people had watched it in theaters as of Monday.

Japan box office and global impact of the pandemic

On the one hand, it looks like things are normal now when seeing Japan’s box-office performances. However, that’s not the case at all.

The Demon Slayer movie’s great run is also because locals in Japan were waiting for the film for a long time.

And upon the release of it, many people thronged the theaters while also maintaining COVID-19 guidelines.

Coming onto the real picture worldwide, it’s impossible to release a big movie in theaters. This year witnessed a lot of delays with the likes of Black Widow, Dune, and Eternals.

Another big title postponed to next year, or an uncertain schedule also includes No Time To Die. This film was due to arrive this November, but the makers changed the decision just before that.

The simple reason is that the distributors don’t want to lose a project like this. That’s made on a huge budget.

DC’s Wonder Woman and The Batman also faced the pandemic’s wrath in terms of release and production schedules. The latter dealt with a long delay after leading actor Robert Pattinson tested positive. The good thing is that now the shoot has resumed back.

Coming onto Demon Slayer, it’s like a breath of fresh air for the moviegoers in Japan. However, other regions across the globe won’t open the cinema halls so sooner. Because the virus cases still are rapidly growing in large numbers.

Image courtesy of AniplexUS/YouTube Screenshot

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