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Dendi’s ‘Dota 2’ team B8 is on an unprecedented losing streak


Ukrainian-based eSports team B8 is currently amid the longest losing streak in professional Dota 2 history.

It’s hard to believe that the great Danil “Dendi” Ishutin is now in the middle of a record-breaking 24-game losing streak after leaving his previous squad.

He has since founded his own team called B8 at the beginning of this year.

B8 organizational issues cited

B8 hasn’t scored a single win in over three weeks now, as their roster has been struggling to come together as of late due to some organizational issues.

Fans of the Dota 2 scene will remember Dendi as the legendary team Na’Vi player who overcame near insurmountable odds to become the champion of the 2011 The International (TI) tournament.

This forever cemented him as one of the greatest players the game has ever seen.

B8’s losing streak at the WePlay! Pushka League

The WePlay! Pushka League is an ongoing Dota 2 tournament that kicked off on April 23 and is expected to last until May 12.

The tournament features a whopping US$250,000 [AU$382,500] prize pool and pits the greatest teams in the European and CIS regions against each other.

Among the teams that were invited are long-time favorites Team Secret, Team Liquid, current TI champions OG, and Dendi’s former team Na’vi, along with his current team B8.

As lucky as the B8 were to have had the opportunity to face-off against such heavy hitters, they were equally unfortunate to have been one of the first teams eliminated from the tournament.

While this was, in part, due to the availability issues of some of their active roster and having to resort to substitute players, being swept from every single game in the league has to be a new low for the squad.

B8 failed to secure a victory in all 12 matches played and were subsequently booted after their final series against Russian team FlyToMoon on May 5.

B8’s performance: a bumpy road ever since

For those who thought that B8’s struggles were limited to the WePlay! Pushka League, think again. The team has had a bumpy road ever since its foundation on January 27, 2020.

With an overall standing of 5W-31L in all series played, and 18W-63L across all matches, B8’s performance has been disappointing, to say the least.

Dendi established the team after departing from his nine-year run with Team Na’vi. He currently plays the role of team captain, as well as the go-to mid laner.

At 30 years old (which is ancient for an eSports player), here’s hoping Dendi and his teammates can turn things around for Team B8, so he can end his legacy on a high note.

Image courtesy of Danil Ishutin/Twitter

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