Dennis Rodman’s son learns his dad’s Las Vegas trip in ‘The Last Dance’

Dennis Rodman's son learns his dad's Las Vegas trip in 'The Last Dance'

Dennis “DJ” Rodman Jr. just learned something new about his father through the sports documentary miniseries The Last Dance.

Just when DJ thought he knows everything about his father’s basketball career, reports say that he just found out that there are some details he isn’t aware of yet.

Finding out with the world

An example of which is Dennis Rodman’s infamous “48-hour” Las Vegas vacation. Dennis, who is a former Bulls power forward and a notable eccentric, appeared in The Last Dance episodes 3 and 4.

The two episodes were heavily focused on Dennis’ playing career with Chicago Bulls including the time he requested head coach Phil Jackson for a vacation.

He wanted to blow off some steam so he went to Las Vegas in the middle of the season. But instead of returning to the said date, the NBA star went on an unauthorized extended vacation.

His Las Vegas vacation came along with very wild stories and it’s probably the reason why DJ, now 20 years old, only found out about it now. He discovered this part of his father’s life along with the rest of the TV audience.

DJ was asked about his reaction to the episodes in a Live Instagram chat. He said, “I knew about everything else but not that.”

He was very light about the revelation. And though it must be awkward to find out something about his parent in a documentary, DJ seemed to be untroubled with it.

DJ is the son of Dennis with third ex-wife Michelle Moyer. They also have a daughter, Trinity Rodman.

Las Vegas and Carmen Electra

One of the stories told in the docuseries was the time when Michael Jordan had to hunt down Dennis while his then girlfriend playboy model Carmen Electra hid naked in the room.

In an interview with LA Times, Electra revealed that she had no idea about the drama behind Dennis’ break. She didn’t know that Jordan was already freaking out over Dennis’ disappearing act.

All that Electra knew was that they were having some wild fun especially during the Las Vegas escapade. All of these happened while the Bulls’ team worked hard for the quest to win their sixth championship.

Electra knew that her relationship with Dennis was an “occupational hazard.” She had a career in the entertainment industry to keep. She was warned by her agent and manager about how Dennis may impact her career.

But according to her, she had no regrets with her time with the now retired basketball player.

“I was so honored to see them play,” Electra said. “There’s just no words for that era. There will never be another one like it.”

The Last Dance is available to watch on Netflix.

Featured image courtesy of OfficialHoopHall/YouTube screenshot

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