Denzel Washington alarms fans after fire scare

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington made it to the top trending topics again after his house caused a massive fire scare.

Earlier this week, Denzel Washington and his family became the talk of the down after their home, reportedly, caught fire.

On Wednesday, Fox 11 revealed that Washington and his family are safe after a fire, reportedly, began on their crib.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, they received a report about smoke emanating from the house’s second floor.

However, upon their arrival at the scene, they spotted no fire, but the smoke continued to come out of the home. The officials then sent the residents away from the neighborhood before finding out the source of the smoke.

What happened inside Denzel Washington’s home?

To find the source of the smoke, the LAPD used thermal imaging cameras. They used it to assure that no flames were active during the search.

“Source of that smoke was determined to be one of several furnaces in the home that was recently serviced, and has now been taken safely off-line,” the official report reveals.

They found out that the furnace was just recently serviced, so what triggered the occurrence is still unknown.

After assuring that it was already safe, the firefighters guided the people back to their residences again. No one was injured during the incident.

Alan Neirob, the actor’s press representative, said to Fox News that Washington’s family is also safe.

“There is no fire and everyone is OK and safe,” Neirob revealed.

Fans checked whether Washington is safe

Soon after the news emerged, the netizens of the 65-year-old actor expressed their worries online.

“2020 tripping, Denzel Washington house caught on fire. this man better he alive when I wake up,” one fan said.

Another one wrote, “The way I partially lost my shit when I saw the words Fire and Denzel Washington’s home….. We need to get the hell out of 2020.”

“Woke up and seen a story about Denzel Washington house catching fire. Real-life about to cry until I read everyone was evaluated,” another fan added. “I am so done with 2020. WTF else can happen? Firestorm from the sun? Meteor hits the earth? Mobile phone satellites crash on an asteroid? The hits just keep coming this year.”

The authorities, later on, confirmed that the actor was not on the premises when the incident happened.

Fortunately, the LAPD acted swiftly and avoided further damage.

As of the writing, Denzel Washington himself has not spoken about the incident yet.

Featured image courtesy of GabboT, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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