‘Destroy All Humans’ remake shows off lost level


The new open-world Destroy All Humans remake recently released a sneak peek. The footage shows an unpublished level from the game’s original 2005 version.

According to THQ Nordic, the new addition is a “lost level” rediscovered from the original. The Destroy All Humans remake will have the level attributed to Pandemic Studios.

“The Wrong Stuff” shows Area 51 homage

In a recent footage, THQ Nordic shows off the updated remake. This puts players behind the controls of the bug-eyed Crypto. They also try to help him take over the entire world to help save his species.

The level in question is called “The Wrong Stuff,” with the environment set to “Area 42.” This joke refers to Area 51, a military base rumored to harbor alien lifeforms. The entire thing is relevant, considering nerds tried to “storm” Area 51 last year.

The entire gameplay for Destroy All Humans is very tongue in cheek. Players would need to steal the bodies of humans and use alien weapons at their disposal. As a small gray alien, players also have a variety of psychic abilities of their choice.

In the level, players would need to invade the facilities to investigate a secret project. This project involves humans trying to reverse engineer their alien flying saucer. Crypto would need to sabotage the whole thing.

Out to stop Crypto’s rampage are multiple men in black trying to understand the ship piecemeal. The teaser also shows the array of shock rifles and scenarios players can use.

Black Forest Games recreated level from scrapped concept

Calling the new “The Wrong Stuff” map as a “lost level” is not inaccurate at all. While the Destroy All Humans remake map is new, the concept is not. Pandemic, the original devs from 2005, left the idea on the cutting room floor.

Current dev team Black Forest Games is trying a better remake of the 2005 version. The new version has a ton of quality of life features and refinements in the game. For starters, a new lock-on system helps with targeting without undercutting the original.

“The Wrong Stuff” is the first gameplay that fans of original games have seen. The last bits of gameplay came from Path of the Furon back in 2009 for PS3 and Xbox 360. The series then went on an extended hiatus that lasted for more than a decade.

Pandemic Studios itself closed in 2009 after creating The Saboteur. THQ Nordic, then Nordic Games, picked up the entire IP once the original THQ went kaput in 2013.

The Destroy All Humans remake will be available on PC soon. A demo is available right now on their Steam listing.

Images courtesy of THQ Nordic/Youtube Screenshot

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