Details of the ‘Pokemon Go’ Fest 2021 have been released for fans

The details for the Pokemon Go game fest 2021 have been shared with fans!

Pokemon Go has been a wonderful game not because of the Augmented reality-based wonder but also for the fact that the team has put our favorite anime into a compact gaming format that lets players catch Pokemons as they have always wished to.

Since Pokemon Go celebrates its 5th anniversary, all the players in the game can wait for something big to drop this week, or as the developers have said that they are looking for something which can be continued for the rest of the month.

How are the events of the game will go?

So as said, the fest will take place in the selected cities from all around the world.

This years’ celebration will set for hold in-person celebration as a part of the Pokemon Go Fest of 2021. There will be music, event, and a lot more Pokemons for all the players to collect in their Pokedex.

Now here is the catch. Not a lot of people and players know about these events, and thus this will help them to get an understanding of what is going to unravel for them further into the game.

Which Legendary Pokemons can appear in the event?

Some of the most legendary Pokemons included in the series are Gyarados, Vaporeon, Unown F, and even Sawk. There will be plenty of opportunities for players to take control over these Pokemons and catch them all along the way.

How will players register for the event?

For players looking forward to attending, they have to visit the website of Niantic Labs, and right from there, they will have to register their name for the game.

The username, password along with the email ID for all the further updates, shall be shared on the website so that they can become a part of the Pokemon Go Fest 2021.

Right from there, they will have to collect the tickets for the events, which will be charged at a price of about $4.99 and in-game shop.

If players have the tickets, they can freely be a part of the year’s event.

Pokemon Go Music Event 2021

Apart from the same, Pokemon Go is even looking forward to hosting a music event for all their fans. Pikachu will be in the rock star uniform and even pop star avatars of some of the most common and legendary Pokemons in the match.


Image courtesy of The Trainer Club/YouTube

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