Developers adds new ghosts to ‘Phasmophobia’ since launch


Phasmophobia is one such game where the developers have added new ghosts ever since its launch.

Phasmophobia is one such game where the developers have added new ghosts ever since the launch of the previous version. In a recent mention of Twitter, they have said that Phasmophobia was supposed to be a grand entrance in the list of survival horror.

The developers have worked a lot into understanding the new version of the game and how it can look, but since they did not have much time, the efforts were not shown in the original game.

There have been many additional features to the original game, along with some of the new ghosts who are added one after the other.

What game is this?

So coming back, Phasmophobia is a first-person ghost hunting game that focuses more on the survival objective and investigation into the horror genre with an online co-op that has gained extreme popularity.

So the main goal of the players is to discover new locations on the map and then connect with them by finding clues from one point to the other. The game has grown a lot since the original drop in September where the players have said that there are no new ghosts that can be played with.

What are the additional items that the developers have added?

The additional ghosts added to the game are focused on various maps of the game, especially those areas of the ship where the players might visit the most. Some of the ghosts are voiced by some of the leading developers of the team themselves.

While the game is still in Early Access, there are many updates that more of the items, quests, and scares are added to the game one after the other. One of the most incredible additions of the game is a parabolic microphone done right to the players to look out for secured money and improved systems of the game accordingly.

The developers have even shared cool merchandise on the platform

The developers have shared on their official platform that the game is still in the works, and that is why they are trying to share some cool merchandise related to the game.

It shall help them accordingly to gain more patrons and eventually help the game reach better popularity in the coming future.

Some of the additional ghosts in the platform are voiced over by developers due to lack of personnel working and especially, when the updates have to roll in early.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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