Developers confirm ‘Spider-man: Miles Morales’ will have new abilities

Spider-man: Miles Morales’ developers have confirmed that the hero will have unique spider abilities like Venom Shock and more.

The unique battle system of PlayStation 4’s Spider-man utilizes Peter Parker’s skills by letting players control his superhuman abilities. Spider-man: Miles Morales will have the same abilities, but there would be several traits that are unique to him alone.

New skills revealed

On their official Twitter account, Insomniac Games have announced that Spider-man: Miles Morales will allow players to use his unique skills.

Players will have the chance to show off Morales’ Venom Shock and camouflage skills during combat. Also, players will still have access to spider-skills and web-slinging gadgets identical to what Peter Parker had in Spider-man PS4.

The power of Venom Shock

Morales’ Venom Shock allows him to produce huge amounts of energy then transfer it to objects or people like it was electricity. When the energy comes in contact with humans, it will temporarily paralyze them.

The Venom Shock packs so much energy that it can even easily shatter ropes and chains. In the comics, it can knock out enemies with only a few strikes. Moreover, his camouflage ability is self-explanatory. However, it is worth noting that this ability works on any clothes Morales is wearing.

Venom Strike and Venom Blast

The developers didn’t reveal how Morales’ abilities would be introduced in the sequel. However, Venom Strike might be a skill that can be unlocked in the battle system by progressing into the game.

Morales’ can use the powerful ability to launch him into the air or even start his air combos. A few of his distinct combos could also end by using Venom Blast to paralyze his enemies.


Furthermore, his camouflage ability looks like it would need its own mechanics. The developers could place it on the L3 button since it’s the only button that doesn’t do anything in the original game.

When the button is pressed, Morales could go invisible for a limited amount of time. The developers could even grant Morales invisibility after finishing a certain combo or finisher.

Some of the gameplay revealed in the Spider-man: Miles Morales trailer looks like Insomniac Games could add this to the game. They could even make it a special power of one of the collectible suits in the game.

Players can also control the protagonist as he goes invisible. These enhanced skills will make Spider-man: Miles Morales unique from the original PlayStation 4 game since it will give more depth to it.

Featured image courtesy Eurogamer/YouTube Screenshot

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