Developers create more wholesome video games which are on the rise

Wholesome video games such as Animal Crossing have helped us to keep our spirits strong in the lockdown.

The COVID-19 pandemic has surely taken a toll on people’s mental health as developers are now focusing on wholesome video games, which are on the rise to help alleviate the dire situation.

Games like Animal Crossing have helped a lot of people to overcome anxiety and panic episodes. As a result, these titles are gathering more attention from players all over the world.

The only solace that many people have found themselves amidst the pandemic growing strong is playing video games that can bring a smile to their faces.

Even the most mature games have recognized the use of more “feel-good games” to help people cope with their intense struggle regarding their mental health.

Why are these video games getting appreciation these days?

These are stress-busters that can help you to cool down. Also, games like Animal Crossing and several others help and teach you the meaning of reaching out to everyone.

One of the most positive ways through which video games can boost positivity is to use nostalgia. While people sit in their homes and get bored, they can stimulate their minds and solve the puzzles that can help them reach the topmost achievements.

PlayStation is also going through its way and starting their new series named Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

It is the latest that players love are feel-good games and fun platformer puzzles. The titles of these games are also matching as there is a sense of security that arises with these titles and an act of correcting yourself with the world.

The resurgence of these wholesome games works as a surprise

The resurgence of these wholesome video games is coming off as a welcoming surprise. Games like Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, or Crash Bandicoot give players proper control to take over as the world is still fighting its way to the pandemic.

With the rise of these wholesome video gaming titles, players can start to take back the normalcy with only one video game at a time.

Indie developers are also working their way to help people play their mini-games, which can be an amazing thing to learn about. After all, we all are human beings.

The pandemic has hit everyone, and we all deserve a moment of wholesome ways through which we can connect to other gamers.


Image courtesy of danxo/YouTube Screenshot

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