Developers have said that ‘Elders Scroll Online’ won’t end until all players leave

Elder Scroll Online developers have said that the game won’t end until and unless every player has left the lobby.

Zenimax Online Studio, the studio house of Elders Scroll Online, has said that the game will only end when all the players leave. Matt Firor has prior said to this that they had only one goal: to turn Elder Scrolls and Tamriel into two of the massively multiplayer online game.

This would have enabled a lot of players to come and meet together and then play the game. It has been years since the release of Elders Scroll Online have been done, and now the studio is preparing to launch its fifth major chapter.

This is an expansion into the southern marshland of Tamriel called Blackwood.

The storyline of the new online multiplayer game is fantastic

Filled with additional storylines, dungeons, and a new companion system that provides allies to fight right beside players. This means that the creative studio house is looking for a major development that can be used in the game and which can help all players to find meaningful objectives to complete throughout.

The Blackwood storyline will focus more on the action end as it will help all players fight their enemies with increased ammo.

Zenimax is looking out for better opportunities as well, as they have said that the team will include a free ‘Console Enhances’ update for the new generation of consoles.

Firror has said that it is the best version of ESO that they have made so far. It is completely aimed towards making console gaming as good as any experience on PC, and both of the updates will release in the upcoming June.

The game doesn’t end till players leave

Many news reports have commented on the situation and have said that the new addition to the game is a wonder for most players who love the online multi-playing scenario.

The games have evolved over the years. Maybe it is a side effect of the pandemic, but 2020 was one of the most successful years for the title. Firror had said that the community around ESO is still growing, and that is not something he necessarily expected when this all began.

The studio creators have started asking every single player that the game won’t end unless and until all the players have left the lobby.

Or else, some of the other players want to play for the second time, which might lead the game to end abruptly.

ESO has been a long-listed successful game if you remember back seven, eight, and 10 years. Developers did not want to do part of MMO and wanted the fun parts of a fantasy game online with many people.

Image courtesy of Cryy/YouTube

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