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Developers: ‘Resident Evil Village’ is much larger than ‘Resident Evil 7’


Resident Evil Village will have much more content than what happened in Resident Evil 7, as developers say for the new release.

Much more content is present on Resident Evil Village, as producer Peter Fabiano has revealed.

Players can expect more content in this gameplay than compared to its predecessor. Resident Evil 7 showed Ethan being on the run to bring back Mia, his wife. Over time, the game has had a ton of support from players and was tagged as one of the greatest creations from the Resident Evil series.

The Resident Evil series has hit a slump with the sixth edition of the game. But surely, the next entry bought back the franchise to the growing roots of survival horror.

How will the new game take place?

In Resident Evil 7, we saw the protagonist of the game Ethan Winters. Players can expect the same for the new game.

Unlike the highly trained members of the S.T.A.R.S. crew, here, Ethan was a regular guy who had to suffer his ill-fate in a house full of bio-engineered monsters. Resident Evil 7 was based on the plantations of the enemies who could have been overpowered with firearms.

Resident Evil Village is bringing back Ethan Winters, again as the main protagonist of the gameplay. Now, we will have a lot more time to devote to his latest adventure.

Resident Evil Village producer Peter Fabiano has said in a recent interview at Official PlayStation Magazine UK that the game will surely be a hit and longer in duration than the previous one.

“I’ll just say it is much larger than what players expect and experienced in Resident Evil VII: Biohazard”

The individual DLCs have more running time

Resident Evil Village has individual DLCs set for the game.

Each DLC of the main game will have an hour-long running time before the original game is launched.

Resident Evil Village is returning in a RE-4 version style. But this game will have much more focus on combat, weapons customization, and even item crafting. In order to keep Ethan stocked up with all the ammo he needs to defeat the enemies, this game will give players enough options.

But those who have enjoyed the survival horror aspects of Resident Evil 7 will be disappointed with the current game.

The recent trailers have proved that Ethan is out of his depth in the game, but players need to wait till the official game reaches. The titular village is crawling with enemies and the certain giant lady who recently gained internet fame.

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