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‘Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat’ features Lady as playable character


A mobile version of Capcom’s popular franchise titled Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is currently doing beta testing in China and will feature Devil May Cry 3’s Lady as a playable character.

Described as a spinoff to an established series, Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is being developed by Yunchang Games.

Veterans of the franchise would recall Lady as the short-haired character who bears firearms for a weapon. While deadly at a range for her accurate precision as a marksman, she is also known for her melee fighting skills and acrobatics.

Pinnacle of Combat draws from the same tried-and-true formula of the franchise. Featuring a hack-and-slash action and gun shooting mechanics known to the franchise, the mobile version remains action-packed.

Returning Hero

A trailer video shows a younger version of Dante (DMC3) as a protagonist, highlighting all the cool moves he has, so far. A skill set which is essentially a dynamics between diverse melee attacks, juggling, and shooting to maintain high-ranking combos. Which, as per demo, remains as flashy as ever, while also substantially deadlier with the player able to link between attacks incessantly.

As if the series protagonist can ever be part of his arsenals, the mobile version also sees Dante’s sword and twin guns. Rebellion being the sword as well as Ebony and Ivory being the paired pistols.

Although slightly watered-down in terms of visuals, the graphics closely resembles Devil May Cry 4 in style. Which is significantly better-looking than PlayStation 2 or PC’s Devil May Cry 3.

Interface-wise, the game seems to take heavy inspiration from Devil May Cry V, bearing semblance to a similar flair.

Lady Confirmed

Another trailer shows off—and therefore confirms—Lady, displaying all her flashy moves. Although seemingly less effective in melee, this playable character compensates through her versatility with armaments. A capability that renders her able to seamlessly switch between weapons and employ against bosses or group of opponents.

However, while the bearer of a weapon capable of massive destruction, bosses remain a tough nut to crack, even for Lady. This raises the importance of making space, both to avoid taking damage and to render attack to opponent. Overall, this playable character makes for a very interesting alternative to the game’s protagonist.

Upcoming Playable Character

While still open for validation, it appears that Dante’s sibling, Vergil, will also be making an entry into the game as well. This is given by the tail-end part of the trailer showing the katana-wielding figure, conspicuous of Vergil.

Image used courtesy of MMO Culture/YouTube Screenshot

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