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‘Devloverland Expo’ comes out on Steam, brings marketing to a new level


Devolver Digital released a free game called Devolverland Expo upon finishing Devolver Direct 2020 where players explore a deserted E3 event.

With E3 2020 getting canceled, it looks like a lot of game companies are getting creative with their presentations for their upcoming titles.

However, Devolver Digital may have taken marketing to the next level. Aside from the usual video presentation, they added in a free convention-themed game to promote their video games.

This is the first-ever “marketing simulator” wherein players can uncover game trailers by attending a deserted E3 convention.

This game may have set the bar higher for other gaming companies that haven’t presented their virtual conventions yet.

A simple mini-game FPS with treasure hunting aspects

Devolverland Expo gives players a fresh take on how gaming conventions should be presented. With the coronavirus still rampant throughout the world, this Devolver title just introduced a fresh approach to digital marketing.

A Twitter user even told its followers that aside from the hidden items that you can find in the game, there are some hidden retail keys as well.

One meticulous user actually found a hidden game inside Devolverland Expo which is called Disc Room and players can download its game demo on Steam.

What other games did the expo feature?

Devolverland Expo showcased their game titles which have already sprung earlier this year. Each game had its own booth as if you are attending a convention.

The event starts off with the player trying to go in the halls while avoiding patrolling robots. He gets to solve some puzzles before proceeding to the game halls.

In the first part of the game, the player will encounter a reverse horror game trailer for Carrion which was announced last year. Apparently, Devolver Digital also released a Nintendo Switch trailer for this as well right under our noses.

An immersive sim called Weird West was also featured in the Devolverland Expo which gives players a unique experience in a Western setting.

Games announced this year such as their dark fantasy RPG Blightbound and Shadow Warrior 3 made their appearances. In addition, they also gave gamers the return of an all-time classic, Serious Sam 4.

Those who casually just explored the convention may be contented with the presentation from Devolver Digital.

However, players who are game completionists may keep them playing for several hours if they want to find the hidden items to unlock other unannounced Devolver Digital releases.

But for casual gamers who don’t want to put the effort into finding those items, a generous Twitter user has leaked it out.

This unique marketing experience from Devolver Digital has still left gamers in awe and you can download it here on Steam while it’s still available and see for yourself.

Featured image courtesy of Devolverland Expo/Game Screenshot

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