Devolver Digital adds new map to ‘Fall Guys’

Despite only fully launching a few days back, Fall Guys has become one of the hottest battle royales. This unique take on the genre continues to excite fans, and the good news is that there’s more to come.

Devolver Digital is having a great time letting fans know that they are working hard towards improving Fall GuysThe amount of success the game has deserved more response from the developers, after all. The developer recently announced that they’d be adding a new mini-game to the hit battle royale.

Jump Showdown

In a recent tweet, Devolver Digital has announced that they are adding Jump Showdown into the rotation of mini-games. This mini-game was one of the most popular during the game’s beta period. Now it’s back in a more polished form, and fans are certainly going to have fun with this one.

The new mini-game is a variation of Jump Party wherein players will have to stay on a platform as long as they can. As the game goes by, the spinning bar moves faster, meaning players have to be more quick and agile to avoid getting flung off. The difference between Jump Party and Jump Showdown is that the platform will grow considerably smaller the longer the game goes in the new mode.

Since it’s part of the rotation now, players can expect to try out this exciting mode once they log into the game. Hopefully, this new mini-game gets top priority in picks since this is a new addition.

Other things in the update

The Fall Guys update will also make several fixes for the game. Most of the fixes are to sort out the various physics and crash issues that players have discovered while enjoying the game. It’s likely that the update also fixed some of the server issues.

Devolver Digital is still having a tough time coping with the number of players entering the game. While the servers are already considerably better, there are still times when players won’t be able to log into the game.

Fall Guys is just getting started. The developers themselves have promised that they will add more costumes, features, and mini-games to the title as it goes on. Jump Showdown is just a taste of what the developer has to offer, and we’re sure that fans are excited to see what’s next for this exciting new battle royale in the scene.

Image used courtesy of Fall Guys/Twitter

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