Devolver Digital launches 80’s theme horror game stories on Xbox and PS4

Devolver has signed to launch 80’s themed horror games. These stories are to be launched on Xbox and PS4 altogether.

There is a brand new horror sport on PS4 and Xbox One: Stories Untold. First launched on the computer in 2017, Stories Untold went with a Switch launch in January.

Now you could get it for about $10 on PS4 or Xbox One, and it comes with a remastered version of the primary episode on Devolver.

Devolver is aiming for a Halloween sale

Upon questioning, Devolver said that the new games are to be themed in a certain way so that there shall be a drive among the audience.

“We are trying to aim for better customers because Halloween is approaching, and as game developers, we are trying to make ends meet. The 80’s themed horror games are anticipated because of their classic twists and turns.

There have not been such episodes as per the new games, so gamers are basically cordial about the whole reaction. We are looking forward to ensuring a better experience.”

The abandoned house is a text-based game in which you choose from a list of activates to research strange occurrences at the protagonist’s family’s excursion home.

You could see some of the residences abandon gambling out within the trailer up top.

The thrill starts at the first plot when you are asked to enter an abandoned house, and there is the text which appears on your screen, the same text that shows if you have played in Amnesia.

Devolver is trying to switch more games into one like The Last Session, where there are plot twists, crazy missions, and B stories that are eventually needed to enhance your gameplay more.

New releases will get a date soon

As expected, the PS4 and Xbox One ports of tales untold feature the same up-to-date interface as the switch version, which means you do not have to deal with the clunky keyboard.

Devolver has made it easier for the general player to understand how the gameplay will look clearly. As nostalgia hits back, we can see that the new games will contain much subject matter to help the players share their experiences.

“We are trying to make a new experience in an old gaming style. With the new releases, there is no official date released by the team, but we are on it.”

Image courtesy of DevolverDigital/YouTube Screenshot

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