Devolver Digital rewards best ‘Fall Guys’ player with new skin

The developers behind Fall Guys have been busy as of late, and it seems like they are far from done. Although the first season is still far from being over, they are already going to tease what’s next in the game.

Fall Guys follows a seasonal format, much like today’s other battle royales. This first season, players are rewarded with a wide selection of items through the battle pass. The developer behind the hit game is gearing for the next season in the game, and they are releasing a teaser soon.

Fans already have an idea of what they want to see next in the game, and hopefully, the developers can oblige.

Collab skins

A lot of artists are making mock-up skins for Fall Guys, and most of them feature collaborations with other games. The format of the avatars makes it easy to make skin collaborations. Currently, the developers have made a skin for the Scout in Team Fortress 2. They are also releasing collabs with Portal 2 and My Friend Pedro.

Moreover, there’s a skin for Devolver Digital’s own Hotline Miami. Fans are hoping that eventually, there will be collaborations with more games in the next season. These skins are most definitely going to sell like hotcakes.

A theme

The current season of Fall Guys doesn’t follow any theme. This is unlike most of the battle royales out there. For the next season, fans want the developers to introduce a central theme to the game and the battle pass. This means having the battle pass rewards become centered around that theme.

There’s a lot of potential in the game when it comes to themes. These could even affect the overall look of the maps in the game.

In-game events

While fun, the game can get boring as the loop does begin to become tiresome. This is most likely because there are no in-game events to keep the title fresh.

The developers should take a cue from Respawn Entertainment and bring limited-time events into the game. This will encourage players to jump in at this time as they could also be given exclusive rewards. It will also change things up every once in a while.

Fall Guys Season 2 is already the talk of the town, and players are excited to see what’s next. The teaser for the next season will drop soon, so players should keep an eye out for updates.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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