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Devolver Digital wants to bring ‘Fall Guys’ to other platforms


Fall Guys has a ton of potential to become the hottest battle royale in town, but the game’s exclusivity to PC and PlayStation 4 prevents that. What are Devolver Digital’s plans for other versions of the game?

Since launching last week, Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys has already broken several of its records. It’s one of the most talked-about titles. It’s undoubtedly the most popular battle royale around currently. The game will be made more popular if it launches to other platforms.

What does the developer have to say when it comes to releasing the game on other platforms?

The possibility of other platforms

Over at Mediatonic’s official support forum for the game, it said that it’s hoping to launch the game on other platforms like the Xbox One and the Switch. However, they do iterate that the game is only available for the PC and PlayStation 4 now.

The game’s now-famous Twitter account also weighed in on the matter saying that for now, the current platforms as the main focus.

Since launching for the PlayStation 4 and PC, gamers on the Switch and Xbox One have been very vocal about the game. They want to enjoy the experience on their platforms too. Doing so would be a great thing for Fall Guys as the player count will undoubtedly blossom once again.

Current plans

For now, the developers are focusing on improving the experience on the platforms the game is available on currently. The developer has already detailed their plans for the future of the game.

To begin with, they are hoping to add new content and new features. For the content, the developers will continue to add in more costumes and more skins to the battle royale. Just recently, it added a new map to the game called Jump Showdown. We’re sure that there are more maps to be added in the future.

With regard to performance, the game isn’t clear of bugs and server issues for now. The game undergoes regular server maintenance to accommodate the surge of players on the PlayStation 4 and PC. If the developers launch the game on the Xbox One and Switch, they may need to expand once again.

Fall Guys is the hot game of the community, and it’s easily accessible by people of all ages. The game’s accessibility with regards to the platform is an entirely different story.

Image used courtesy of Devolver Digital/YouTube

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